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I always judge a pre-season game by the score at halftime. By then all of the starters are out and it’s the future third stringers and soon-to-be cuts trying to impress the coaching staff. The 37-20 loss doesn’t begin to tell the story of the last night’s game.

Glaring mistakes included two interceptions by Chad Pennington returned for touchdowns and a high snap by Pete Kendall covered in the endzone by the Vikings (he also had one other bad snap).

As expected Darrelle Revis and Thomas Jones did not play, nor did Justin Miller.

Via Mark Cannizzaro of the NY Post, Eric Mangini had this to say about the game:

“It’s obviously very disappointing,” said an agitated Mangini, who hinted strongly that a grueling week of practice lies ahead. “If anyone has the impression that it’s OK because this is preseason, they’re wrong.”

That’s the exact attitude I would hope the coach would have after such an ugly all-around performance. Coaches who react to pre-season games like that eventually win big games when they count.

I would anticipate a grueling week of practice before next week’s game againts the Giants. Clearly the team needs to work on a lot of things. Last night’s team did not look like a Mangini-coached team and I’m sure he plans to change that before the next game.

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