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Although it hasn’t officially been announced yet (and probably won’t be before the game), expect the #14 pick in this year’s draft, Darrelle Revis, to start against the Giants. He’ll lineup across from either Amani Toomer or Plaxico Burress. The fastest way for Coach Eric Mangini to gauge how far along his #1 pick is will be to see him in action against starting NFL receivers. After only five days in camp following a lengthy holdout, Revis apparently has grasped the mental part of the game very quickly. And there was never any doubt about his physical abilities.

Following practice yesterday, teammate Laveranues Coles had this to say about Revis, via Lenn Robbins of the NY Post:

“He has a confidence,” Coles said. “He has the confidence of a great corner. I mean, I’ve played against Ty Law, I worked with Champ Bailey, and [Darrelle] has all of those qualities. He’s not afraid to get in and mix it up with anybody.”

Coach Eric Mangini followed that comment up with his thoughts on the mental part of Revis’ game:

“One of the things that we liked about him coming out was that he, in talking to his coaches, in meeting with him, you saw how bright he was, you saw how he picked up information quickly,” Mangini said. “That being said, there’s a lot of really bright guys. The volume of information that’s coming in, it takes some time. There’s a large volume and a very short amount of time.”

Expect QB Marques Tuiasosopo to play significant minutes on Saturday night based on Mangini’s response to a question about whether he has seen enough of him to assess him, via the NY Jets website:

“Tui has been here for quite a while and he’s worked through a lot of reps. I’d like to see some more of him in the games. That’s something we’ll look to do. I think Tui has done a lot of good things. It’s always difficult when it’s a new system. They haven’t been exposed to it. I know dealing last year with all the quarterbacks facing a new system and the challenges that were there. I appreciate that element.”

With training camp officially over the Jets will now practice out of the public eye and for the most part without the media present. Other than the Thomas Jones injury, the primary players escaped Mangini Camp II relatively unscathed.

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