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Sure, a win is a win, even in pre-season. But anyone who saw or heard the first half of last night’s game between the suitemates of the Meadowlands, certainly realizes this win was not really a win.

The Jets offense was absolutely horrible in the first half. So bad, in fact, that Eric Mangini started the first team in the second half as well. They went three and out again.

Kellen Clemens then replaced Pennington and immediately led the team down the field on a six play TD drive. On his second drive he completed two passes of 45 and 34 yards before sneaking up the middle for a score. Clemens finished with 122 yards passing compared to Pennington’s 89, which doesn’t seem glaring until you take into account that 79 of Chad’s yards came on the first pass of the game. Expect a zillion questions this week about a QB controversy after two dismal performances by the #1 QB.

Defensively Eric Coleman led the Jets with 6 tackles and 2 assists while Darrelle Revis had 5 tackles in his first game as a pro. However, the first team defense struggled to stop the first team offense of the Giants in the first half. The G-Men had scoring chances on 4 of their 6 possessions, missing very makeable field goals to end two solid drives.

The kicking game was above average. Mike Nugent was 2/3 on extra points, missing only when a snap and hold were botched. More importantly two of his kickoffs were for touchbacks, something the Jets need him to do consistently. Ben Graham averaged 39.8 yards on his punts, with the longest being 65 yards. He did have back to back “flubs” in the first half, however, and I’m sure special teams coach Mike Westhoff was not happy about that.

So in summary, after a good start to the pre-season against the Mike Vick-less Falcons, the Jets have stumbled twice with poor showings in a loss to the Vikings and a win against the Giants. With just one tune-up remaining against the Eagles the Jets seem to be in need of further repair. When you lift the hood up to look at the starting offense, it does not look good.

Typically in game four of the pre-season your starting QB stands around and cheers. However, after three pre-season games, Coach Eric Mangini, although he will deny it, probably has a QB controversy brewing. Stats aside (Clemens’ are better), Pennington does not look like the leader the Jets need. It won’t take long on September 9th for the “We want Kellen” chants to start should he stumble out of the blocks against New England.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Pennington fan. But I’m an even bigger Jets fan. You’ll read and hear a lot of quotes about how there is no panic and the struggles are just all part of the pre-season growing pains, like this quote from Pennington via Randy Lange of the NY Jets website:

Pennington said of his summer doldrums in particular, “There’s a lot of different factors, and there are no excuses, but to me it’s not alarming.”

However, the same struggles aren’t going on in New England, Indianapolis and New Orleans, just to name a few veteran QB’s who have solidified their presence on teams. Even Eli Manning looked good last night. And what about in Cleveland where Brady Quinn already looks like he’s this year’s draft bargain.

Bring on the Eagles ~ and lets just hope there’s a little more to be excited about next week at this time. No matter how you look at it right now, Jets fans can’t be happy.

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