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Everything you read and hear from every level of the Jets organization gives the clear indication that there is no QB controversy in Jet land.

Much of the blame for the anemic offensive stats during the pre-season is being placed on “units” rather than “individuals.”

Eric Mangini had this to say during his Monday news conference:

“The one thing we look at is the group performance. One person cannot dictate how the group performs. There are a lot of plays where if, as a unit, they had performed better, the opportunities to complete the ball down the field would have been better and the running game would have been more effective. So it’s really more of a whole group total approach than of one person versus another person.”

Chad Pennington chimed in with this:

“To be honest with you, we’ve had a really good camp. Just because the preseason games haven’t gone as well as we would have liked, I don’t think we need to push the panic button. We’ve had a really successful camp. We had a great spring and OTAs and we just have to start putting some things together and make sure we’re more consistent.”

Just like last week, expect another dull offensive showing this Thursday as the Jets scrimmage against another regular-season opponent. In fact, don’t be surprised if Pennington doesn’t even play. The pass plays most likely will be very basic and not worth having Chad risk injury while standing in the pocket for even one or two series. Plus, if he does play and fails to execute, that will only add fuel to the QB-competiton fire (that doesn’t really exist).

Look for Kellen Clemens to start and play much of the first half before giving way to Marques Tuiasosopo and Brad Smith.

My guess is most Jets fans will not take the short drive to Philly this Thursday. However, for those that do it might be the only chance to have a great tailgate. Every report I’m getting from fans is that tailgating is horrendous at the Meadowlands this year. Forget the fee to ride a shuttle to the stadium, it’s more the space alloted behind and around cars. With fewer spaces it’s certainly understandable that they will try to use every single space and be even stricter about people saving spaces or using a space for a grill. But once again, this is only going to frustrate fans even more than they are already.

And my guess is beer and food prices in the stadium will be no cheaper. In fact, like the shuttle system, they probably hope to make even more money from the fans being inconvenienced. Instead of eating and drinking outside, many will have to wait until they get inside to buy an overpriced beer and dog. More money towards Xanadu.

There is just one thing that will alleviate fans’ frustration outside the stadium and that’s a quality product on the inside. It will be amazing how much less angry fans will be at the shuttle system after a win than an ugly loss. Or how much more excited fans will be when forced into the stadium an hour before kickoff because their tailgating car is parked at a satellite lot, if we’re watching a playoff contender warm-up.

The season hasn’t even started yet and fans are already bickering ~ about the offense, the parking lot and the shuttle system. But I guarantee you all will be forgotten very quickly if we welcome Coach Bill back to the Meadowlands with a rout of his Patriots.

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