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Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Jets’ Defense E.T.A. ~ T.B.A.

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The Jets’ defense was nowhere to be found on Sunday as the New England Patriots completely dismantled the Green & White, 38-14, in front of a sunburned Jets crowd. The 24-point loss was the worst season-opening home loss in franchise history.

If you bother to read blogs you are a true fan and don’t need or want to read about all the statistics you can get in several other places. So my goal in each post-game blog will be to point out things you didn’t see on TV or might have missed while running to the fridge at home or the bathroom at the stadium. Things that made a difference in the game that won’t show up in the box scores.

Tom Brady, who improved to 7-0 against the Jets in the Meadowlands, looked like a QB on the old statue of liberty play in the back yard, standing all alone for several seconds everytime he dropped into the pocket. The only difference was, unlike in the backyard, he was still holding the ball and picking apart the Jets’ secondary …

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