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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
Yankees Rumors & News

With Roger Clemens on the shelf, Mike Mussina returns to the Yankee rotation tonight – perhaps for one start, perhaps for longer. A headline in Newsday today reads, “Mussina hopes for the best,” which can’t instill a lot of confidence in Yankee fans.

Nevertheless, fans do have some reason to at least be optimistic. In his lone relief appearance since his removal from the rotation, Moose allowed 2 runs through 3.2 innings. Nothing to write home about, but a marked improvement over the 19 earned runs the veteran had allowed in his previous 9.2 innings. With an offense as potent as the Yank’s, a manager need only ask his starting staff to keep the team close and let the lineup’s big bats do the rest. It’s a relatively simple assignment, but one that Mussina has too frequently proven incapable of performing this season.

Meanwhile, in the Post today, Larry Brooks invokes the old baseball adage, “Momentum is tomorrow’s starting pitcher.” The Yankees are …

Why shouldn’t the Jets get a win?

Jets Rumors & News

As of today, the NFL has determined that the New England Patriots did in fact cheat on Sunday, illegally videotaping the defensive signals being sent into the huddle.

The New England Patriots will provide their defense (not videotaped) via the phone before the end of business on Friday.

It will be very interesting to see how they defend themselves on this issue, as well as explaining why they were using more radio frequencies than allowed.

Let’s put aside the conversation swirling around the radio talk shows about if they cheated when they won championships. Or whether or not this will taint Coach Bill Belichick’s hall of fame credentials.

Let’s instead focus on the immediate punishment that will be handed down to Mr. Bill (Play-doh bobblehead due out soon?) and his Hollywood production staff.

There has been talk of them losing draft picks next year as a consequence. Possibly a #2 and #5 (if more severe), or a #7 (if less). Something significant but not the #1 pick.

My question to the commissioner is this: If it is proven that …

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