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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Will There Be A Moose Call?

Yankees Rumors & News

Will There Be A Moose Call?: “With the Yankees getting closer and closer to that coveted playoff spot the burning question is: Who will be the fourth starter should they make the playoffs?

With Andy Pettitte likely to pitch the first and fifth game of the series Joe Torre picked Chien-Ming Wang to start game three. The reasoning behind this is because the wild-card team will play game three at home and Wang’s ERA is more than a full run lower at home compared to on the road (2.85 at home and 5.05 road). Roger Clemens is the obvious choice for game two, which of course comes with the assumption that he is healthy enough to pitch. So the only thing left to figure out is who would pitch game four?

The pitcher for game four will most likely be one of three players: Mike Mussina, Phil Hughes, or Ian Kennedy.

With the way Mussina has pitched this season it seems he is unlikely to …

Fireman Ed joins Miller on I.R.

Jets Rumors & News

Fireman Ed was missing in action at the Jets’ home opener and apparently won’t be back anytime soon. Ill will? Depression after an 0-2 start? Fighting fires? None of the above.

Ed Anzalone is on injured reserve. Following an accident at work (fighting real fires), Ed was forced to have knee surgery on September 6th and says he isn’t sure when he’ll be healthy enough to return to the Meadowlands.

Via Jim Baumbauch of Newsday, Fireman Ed had this to say about his comeback:

“I have some issues, man. I have some herniations in my back, some in my neck. So I’m taking care of myself. I’m not up to par right now. I’d love to be at the games. But I have to get myself right before I go back there. Hopefully I can get back before the end of the season, and they’ll start winning,” he said.

So the mystery is solved. Fireman Ed wasn’t missing in action, just missing the action.

In other news, the Jets placed CB/KR Justin Miller on …


Mets Rumors & News

The answer is twelve.  The question?  How many errors have the Mets made on their current four game losing streak?  The poor play of the Mets continued last night as they fell to the Washington Nationals 12-5, where four errors were committed by the Mets.  While the errors have hurt the Mets over this past stretch, it’s just another example of the mounting problems that are in Flushing.  Since pressure has been put on the Mets by the Phillies, the Mets have fallen apart. 

In most cases when a team hits a tough stretch it’s because the lineup has gone cold.  This more or less isn’t the case.  Over the current losing streak, the Mets are averaging 3.75 runs and 8 hits per game.  While they are getting hits, the hits aren’t coming timely.  The team is trying to force plays and as a result mistakes are being made.  These mistakes are taking runs off the board.  A perfect example of this would be this weekend.  With two outs and David Wright …

Chad vs Kellen

Jets Rumors & News

As expected, the negative talk of the town this week is not just about the Mets choking and the Giants and Jets being 0-2, but also who should be starting at QB for the Jets on Sunday against the winless Dolphins.

Also as expected, Eric Mangini has been emphatic that Chad Pennington is the starter and barring a setback this week in practice, will be under center on Sunday.

This is the correct choice and for one primary reason.

Put statistics aside. Forget the Jets’ woeful record without Pennington at the helm. Don’t bring up how many seasons he has led the Jets to the playoffs (vs the seasons he didn’t play and they didn’t make it). Chad Pennington should be the starting QB on Sunday for one simple reason ~ once you make the change to Kellen Clemens there is no turning back.

Every coach will tell you that once you decide that the #2 QB is going to be the starter and the reason is not injury-related, barring an injury, you can’t turn around and …

Can Giants defense be fixed?

Giants Rumors & News

OK, so we don’t have to debate whether or not the 0-2 Giants defense has been atrocious for two games. It has. The 80 points allowed is all the evidence you need to see that.

There are really only two questions at this point.

1. How did the Giants defense get into this mess?
2. Can they do anything to fix it?

Let’s analyze.

The Giants hired Steve Spagnuolo to change the team’s defensive style. Tim Lewis’ passive scheme wasn’t working, and his critical demeanor grated on the players.

Spagnuolo came from Philadelphia, where he learned an aggressive, pressing style from Jim Johnson. That is what Tom Coughlin hired him to bring to New York.

The results on the field tell you that — whatever it is Spagnuolo is trying to accomplish — so far it isn’t getting done.

Fact is, the Giants defense couldn’t defend the pass, only rarely pressured the quarterback and couldn’t tackle when Lewis was the coordinator. It still can’t do those things.

The personnel just isn’t that good, which goes back to draft mistakes like …

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