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Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
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With narry an ice girl in sight, tensions were nevertheless high at Nassau Coliseum last night, where the Rangers and Islanders squared off in a preseason bout. The game marked the first time that Islanders’ forward Chris Simon had faced the Blueshirts since his 25-game suspension for tomahawking the Rangers’ Ryan Hollweg in the head. While Simon’s suspension will continue into the start of the regular season, he is eligible for preseason play. For more on the fireworks filled match that included a fight between the opposing goaltenders, check out Larry Brooks’ account in the Post.

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I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. That joke would be much more appropriate had the Yanks been playing the Royals yesterday afternoon and not the Toronto Blue Jays, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway. In any event, via Newsday’s Ken Davidoff:

After sitting through the Yankees’ dreadful, 4-1 loss to Toronto Monday, one would’ve thought the team was hurrying to catch its flight to Tampa, which is, after all, renowned for its nightlife.

But one would’ve been wrong, and that’s why you don’t prejudge. Forget about Tampa. The Yankees wanted the game to end quickly so that they could dress up their 12 rookies, hilariously, in costumes from “The Wizard of Oz.”

So without further ado…From left to right. Joba Chamberlain (the lion), Ian Kennedy (Dorothy), Shelley Duncan (the scarecrow), Phil Hughes (Tin Man).Because you can never have too much Joba…Kei’s just happy to be here.

Yankees have plenty to celebrate

Yankees Rumors & News

The New York Yankees magic number is down to 1 to clinch a playoff berth. One Yankees victory or Detroit Tigers loss and the Yankees will be guaranteed the American League wild-card berth.

Question is, should the Yankees actually celebrate tonight, tomorrow or whenever they actually clinch that playoff spot?

I mean, what’s the big deal about winning the wild card? After all, isn’t this the team whose mantra is that any season that doesn’t end with a World Series title is a waste? The Yankees have won 9 straight American League East titles, and 10 of 11. For years now, they have felt like the AL East belonged to them. Wild-card? Phooey. That was for everybody else to worry about. Only titles have been acceptable in the Bronx.

So, how could the Yankees possibly celebrate getting to the playoffs this year as the wild-card, the extra team? I know, I know. The Yankees still have hopes of catching Boston and making it 10 straight division titles. The reality, however, is that the Yankees …

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