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The New York Jets’ average-at-best defense is preparing for the Bills’ backup QB, Trent Edwards. Starter J.P. Losman went down last week with an MCL sprain and is out for at least two weeks.

What might seem like good news for the Jets is actually not. With a backup QB at the helm, the Bills are likely to use safe, conservative passing plays ~ A.K.A. screens.

The Jets were killed on screen passes last week and the entire NFL knows it. Eric Mangini talked about it in his post-game press conference and every reporter covering the Jets made mention of it as the one glaring negative during the Jets’ first win of the season over the Dolphins.

Rich Cimini of the NY Daily News had this to say about the Jets’ defending the screens in his daily Jetstream blog:

“By my count, the Dolphins ran four screens for 80 yards, including a 22-yard TD to Ronnie Brown. Bryan Thomas flailed at Brown on his 43-yard screen, turning him loose into the middle of the field, which was devoid of defenders. [Jonathan] Vilma made a tackle-for-loss on one screen, but he also missed a tackle on another and got sealed off on yet another screen.”

After Losman left the game with his injury, Edwards was 10 of 20 for 90 yards agains the Patriots on Sunday. He was the Bills’ 2007 third-round pick out of Stanford, and the 6th QB drafted overall. On Sunday, he will be the first QB of this year’s class to start.

Edwards’ biggest fan? ~ the late Bill Walsh. Via Andrew Das of the Fifth Down Blogs, following the draft, Walsh called Bills’ GM Marv Levy and told him,

“Marv, you’ve got yourself one heck of a quarterback.”

I’d say Walsh knows a little bit about QB talent. And didn’t a couple of his QB’s make livings throwing little dump-off screens for huge yardage? Maybe the Bills can sign Jerry Rice before Sunday. At 0-3, what do they have to lose?

As Jets fans, let’s hope another game.

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