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With their lead in the NL East sliced and diced to a single, solitary game, the Mets turn to Pedro Martinez tonight to save their season. So frequently during Pedro’s long, slow rehab, management echoed the party line that anything the team got out of Martinez in the season’s second half would be a bonus. Did anyone in their wildest dreams imagine that the team would find itself where it is today – teetering at the precipice with their convalescing ace thrust into the role of savior?

Then again, maybe this is what Omar Minaya was imagining when he brought Pedro to Flushing in 2005. The Mets need a special performance tonight from a player they brought here to be special. Via the Bergen Record’s Ian O’Connor:

Martinez is his fitting savior, a far more logical choice for the role than Philip Humber.

Pedro salvaged the franchise, after all. If Omar Minaya doesn’t sign Pedro away from the curse-crushing, ghost-busting Red Sox against all odds, the Mets don’t get Beltran, Delgado, Wagner and the rest.

If the Mets are destined to complete one of the great choke jobs of all time, then Martinez is the right guy to attempt the Heimlich.

Martinez, Randolph said, “knows how to stop the bleeding.”

Pedro Martinez, last zombie standing, will stagger out to the mound tonight certain of only one thing:

His team has no blood left to spill.

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