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I can honestly say the 2007 NY Mets are done. Thier slogan coming into this season: “Your Season has Come.” I think that seems more apporiate for the Phillies. The slogan for the final weekend of the regular season at Shea might as well be “Your Season has Come and Gone.” I might be stepping on some toes when bashing the Mets but isn’t that what makes the Yankees-Mets fan rivalry so great?

I honestly thought that last night the Mets would turn it around, but quickly it turned ugly. 2-0 in the 1st inning and the rest is history. As a die-hard Yankee fan, I am loving every minute of the Mets fan’s misery. I mean come on, why not? All year long all I heard was “ least we’re in first place” and now finally, when it’s really matters..on the brink of the postseason, the Mets are pretty much sleeping in the death beds they made for themselves. I am loving this stretch run that has now seen the Phillies overtake the Mets atop the NL East. I have stuck by my Yanks all season long and I’m proud to say that they overcame such a horrible start. Yankee fans support their team all year..Met fans seemed to have abandoned their team this week. Where have all the Mets fans gone? Shea Stadium was empty and quiet all week. Yankee Stadium is always filled, even through the days of being 21-29 and 14.5 out.

And the debate begins..which team has the more loyal fans? I’d say just look at the attendance figures and that will give you your answer. I dont want to hear we’re suppose to win because we have a high payroll (which is NOT $200 million), because the Mets have a high payroll themselves. So that has no bearing on the debate. This is why I chose to write a bloq on the Mets collapse. I dont think they deserve to make it to October. The Phillies have earned their way into the dance. The same way, I hate to admit this…the 2004 Red Sox earned their World Series victory. Citizens Bank Ballpark is filled with excitement, with fire, with hunger and mostly importantly..with fans that are sticking by their team down the stretch and yes, the fans are playing a part in this all. Where do you think the Phillies are getting the fire from? From fans that believe. Jimmy Rollins doesn’t look so stupid now for his bold preseason prediction proclaming “..the Phillies are the team to beat.” He has proven to back up his words with an MVP caliber season. He has proved HE is the best SS in the National League. He’s started every single game this season. Jose Reyes isn’t dancing around anymore is he? 2 stolen bases in the last 2 weeks? He isn’t even the best SS in New York…yes I said it, because Derek Jeter gets the big hits and makes everyone else around him better. Reyes has been left for dead during the recent slide and a “great” player doesn’t do that. That’s what seperates Jeter and Reyes..and the four championship rings Derek has.

Look at the faces and they tell you the story. There’s no confidence and there’s the look of desperation and frustration. Everything that can go wrong is going wrong. It looks like it’s going to be a quiet October in Queens…unless of course the Mets win the next two games. Even that might not help if the Phils keep winning.

Most Met fans have chosen to look the other way this week. And now it’s the Yankee fan’s turn to gloat just a bit. We’re not cocky fans, we’re just proud of our team and can’t stand when other fans make premature statements and take pride for something they have not won or accomplished. No more excuses, 2 games to go…2 games out of the wild card and 1 game out in the NL East…doesnt look good for the Mets, but I’ll tell you what is amazin…the potental collapse of the 2007 NY Mets.

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  1. 1 On September 29th, 2007, Ed Valentine said:

    You wrote:
    As a die-hard Yankee fan, I am loving every minute of the Mets fan’s misery ….

    Darn right. The Amazin’s are going down, and the Bombers are going to the playoffs. A Yankee fan’s delight.

  2. 2 On September 30th, 2007, gozer said:

    “Now it’s the Yankee fan’s turn to gloat.”

    When is the Yankee fan not gloating?

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