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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Glavine, Drury Tred Similar Path

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Nothing earth-shattering here, but an interesting read nonetheless via The Canadian Press.

As most know, former-and-perhaps-future Mets pitcher Tom Glavine was a phenomenal high school athlete, hailing from Massachusetts and excelling at both baseball and hockey. In June 1984, he was drafted 47th overall by MLB’s Atlanta Braves and 69th overall by the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings – ahead of Hall-of-Famers Luc Robitaille and Brett Hull that same year.

Meanwhile, New York Rangers free agent signee Chris Drury took a similar route to the pros, leading his Trumbull, CT, baseball team to the Little League World Series championship in 1989, before an injury steered his collegiate career toward the rink.

Check out the whole article here.

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Signed-and-Sealed: Girardi Is New Yankee Skipper

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Joe Girardi has accepted the Yankees manager job, according to ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney. Girardi will sign a three-year deal worth about $7.5 million. An official announcement could come today.

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Relax, New York Yankees fans.

Yes, it’s been an eventful few days. Yes, on its face it seems much of the news hasn’t been good. Yes, things will be different around the Bronx next summer. Yes, the Red Sox just won another World Series.

But, no, the sky hasn’t fallen on this team. Even without A-Rod (and you can throw Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada in here, too, if you want) this team hasn’t exactly turned into Tampa Bay overnight.

The Yankees will still be good. There is still a good talent base, and with the vast Yankee resources and four months remaining until spring training there is no telling who might end up in pinstripes next season.

Besides that, there is still a talented group of youngsters heading to the Bronx.

Peter Abraham puts it this way in his fantastic LoHud Yankees blog:

At this time last year, Joba Chamberlain was playing winter ball in Hawaii. Most Yankee fans knew him only as a name on a list of drafted players. He wasn’t even …

Has Coughlin already earned the right to stay?

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The photo of the smiling Tom Coughlin that accompanies this post speaks volumes about the state of the New York Giants these days.

After seeming to be in turmoil in the pre-season with Michael Strahan pondering retirement, Tiki Barber running his mouth and questions lingering about Coughlin’s job security.

Six straight wins have changed a lot of things with the Giants. They are a contender, with some even saying they might be the NFC’s best team. They appear to be getting along and are so far avoiding the distractions that helped blow up last season. And no one is calling for Coughlin to be fired.

My question is this. Has Coughlin done enough that his job status for next season shouldn’t be a question? Or, is he still a second half of the season implosion away from being on the unemployment line?

Personally, I think there is no doubt he has earned the right to stay.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, October 29th, 2007

BREAKING: Torre, Mattingly Set to Join Dodgers

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Un-be-lievable. No official confirmation on this, but no reason to doubt it. Peter Abraham of the Journal News is reporting that the the Los Angeles Dodgers are set to fire/ buy-out incumbent manager Grady Little and replace the former Sox skipper with former Yanks skipper Joe Torre.

Just this morning, George King of the Post reported that there was a possibility that Dodger’s owner Frank McCourt could pursue Torre, as well as much of his coaching staff, however, I don’t think anyone expected the scenario to develop so swiftly.

Via Abraham:

Torre, 67, could be named manager in the next 24 hours according to two sources close to the situation. Don Mattingly is expected to accompany Torre to Los Angeles as his bench coach.

Torre is also interested in hiring Kevin Long, his hitting coach with the Yankees. But the Yankees are hoping to retain Long as a coach under soon-to-be-named new manager Joe Girardi.

The Dodgers were 82-80 this season under Little and were beset by clubhouse …

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Let’s cut to the chase…Alex Rodriguez, you are the biggest PIECE OF GARBAGE that has ever donned the Yankee pinstripes. How the heck do you walk away from the greatest franchise in the HISTORY of sports? You greedy, selfish indiviual! You care about only one person…Alex Rodriguez. You only care about one thing…money.

You have all the money in the world…you have the richest contract in the history of are the greatest player (maybe ever) playing for the greatest team ever in the greatest city ever! How much more could you want?? We gave you the support this year that YOU wanted, and YOU asked for. You finally produced and did things a $25 million a year player is suppose to do..put up numbers that are inhumane (.314 avg 54 HR 156 RBI). We did get on your case your first 3 years here, but that’s because you are here to bring us a world championship and you have done NOTHING to get us close to that. …

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Not a good day if your a Yankees fan. This is just SOME of the media coverage today. It’s been a busy few weeks since the Yanks were eliminated in the Divison Series. Also today, the first day that players can file for free agency, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada did just that. The Yankees are now on the clock with both players. The Bronx, really is burning these

It’s Official ~ Clemens to Pilot the Jets

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Eric Mangini announced today, what everyone anticipated, that Kellen Clemens is the new starting QB for the New York Jets.

Chad Pennington had this reaction, via the AP on

“Coach made it clear that I’m not the villain here,” Pennington said Monday. “And I’m not the only one to blame for the lack of our success or our problems, but he did feel like Kellen deserved a chance.”

Mangini added:

“I made this decision not based on singling out Chad for where we are, but based on the fact that I think Kellen has earned this opportunity,” Mangini said. “I want to give him this opportunity. It’s in no way an indication that Chad is solely responsible. We all are.”

Clemens is excited for the opportunity:

“It’s exciting to have the opportunity and I’m looking forward to the chance to play,” Clemens said. “At the same time, there’s a losing streak right now that this entire team needs to work hard to turn around.”

Jon Buzby is a nationally-syndicated columnist who can be reached through his website at

Reports are Clemens to be Named Starter

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The NY Post is reporting that Eric Mangini has made the decision to replace Jets’ starting-QB Chad Pennington with Kellen Clemens for next Sunday’s game against the Redskins.

Via Mark Cannazzaro of the NY Post:

“The Chad Pennington era is over, The Post has learned exclusively.

The scores of booing Jets fans and angry radio talk show callers will get their way next Sunday when the Jets play the Redskins at Giants Stadium.

On the heels of yesterday’s lackluster 13-3 home loss to the Bills, Kellen Clemens, who replaced Pennington with 3:32 remaining in the game, will become the starter this week and almost surely remain so for the rest of the season.

Eric Mangini has little choice but to go to his backup quarterback – and probably a number of other backup players – after his Jets fell to 1-7 with an offense that too often looked hopeless.

After the game, Mangini would not give any hints whether he was poised to make a change, but a source with intimate knowledge of the team’s thinking told The Post …

Jets Lose Again

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The New York Jets managed to continue their stumble into NFL-obscurity on Sunday with a 13-3 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

It all started when the normally unimpressive team introductions (rather than individual) were made even less enthusiastic with the numerous empty seats throughout the stadium. 

There were more kids and new faces sitting throughout Giants Stadium than ever before. My guess is that next Sunday the stadium will be emblazoned in red and gold, and then black and gold after the bye. Tickets for the remaining games are being sold at half-price throughout the internet. Rich Kotite’s name was mentioned for the first time in years, questioning whether or not the Jets will get a 2nd win this season.

The Jets managed just 254 yards against the 30th-ranked Bills’ defense, and once again failed to give QB Chad Pennington any reasonable amount of time to throw the ball. He was 13-20 for 106 yards, but as usual, many of those passes were short dinks and dunks, and the yards-after-catch were just that.

Leon Washington had a …

Giants: ‘Kudos & Wet Willies’

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A very ugly, uninspired, fortunate 13-10 victory Sunday for the New York Giants over the Miami Dolphins.

Let’s review, ‘Kudos & Wet Willies’ style.

Kudos to …

• Brandon Jacobs: Ran roughshod on the Miami defense, carrying 23 times for a carerr-high 131 yards. On that muddy, awful track the only question is why he didn’t have 30-35 carries.

• The Offensive Line: Pretty much pushed the Dolphins around all day. Plus, Rich Seubert’s leaping ‘rebound’ of a Jacobs’ fumble turned out to be a big play.

• Fred Robbins: A sack and a couple of other key plays during the game for Robbins, who has been a forgotten man on the Giants defensive line this season.

• Sam Madison: Six tackles and a potential touchdown pass broken up in the end zone. Madison has played better this season than most anyone had a right to expect.

• The Wembley Stadium crowd: They were decked out in all kinds of NFL team jerseys, they were loud, they sat through the rain and they suffered through a miserable football …

Sunday, October 28th, 2007
Yankees Rumors & News is reporting tonight that Alex Rodriguez will opt out of his record setting 10-year $252 million contract. A-Rod informed his agent Scott Boras of the decision Sunday. Boras then put the opt out in writing and left Yankees GM Brian Cashman phone and text messages.

“Alex made the decision today,” Boras said. “I thought we should notify the club.”

If this story holds true, the Yankees are in need a new third baseman. The loss of Rodriguez will shakeup the Yanks offseason agenda. New York was prepared to offer Rodriguez a contract extension of about $140 million for 5 years, adding on to the $81 million and 3 years left on his current deal. The opt-out will mean an end to Rodriguez’ tenure in pinstripes. The Yankees have stated that they will not offer Alex a contract should he choose to opt out and become a free agent.

The Yankees reportedly will announce the hiring of Joe Girardi as the new manager within the next few days. Now, …

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