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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Hey, Suzyn, no crying in the broadcast booth!

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Memo to New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner: When you’re done tossing Joe Torre, the best Yankee manager of my 47 years, in the trash like a piece of rotten meat, please, please throw Yankee fans a bone and get rid of Suzyn Waldman!

The Yankees radio broadcaster sniffled all over whatever shreds of professional dignity she had left last night, crying on the air while “reporting” from the Yankee locker room after the season ended last night. You can hear it here.

Waldman is, of course, little more than a Yankee fan with a microphone. Her gleeful “oh my goodness” rant during the Roger Clemens returns announcement was embarrassing to anyone who follows the Yankees.

Now this.

C’mon, George! Do us all a favor. Get rid of the screaming, sniffling insufferable Waldman and give anyone who listens to Yankee games a break.

(– Ed Valentine is an award-winning columnist and former sports editor of two daily newspapers. His work can be found at Valentine’s Views and Big Blue View).

LaRussa, Not Girardi, Could Replace Torre

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While George Steinbrenner’s son Hank said today that “there’s nothing decided yet” on the future of skipper Joe Torre, it is widely assumed that the manager will not return for a lucky 13th season in New York following The Boss’s comments before Game 3 that Torre would most likely not be retained should the Yankees fail to rally in the series.

While speculation had long been that Don Mattingly or Joe Girardi would assume the manager’s chair in the Bronx following Torre’s tenure, the Daily News’ Bill Madden is reporting today that Cardinals manager Tony La Russa may be Torre’s successor. Via Madden:

Yankee insiders say La Russa, who managed the St. Louis Cardinals to a World Series title last year, is a Steinbrenner pal. They also say he’ll likely bring Dave Duncan, considered by many the best pitching coach in baseball….The Yanks haven’t reached out to the feisty La Russa yet, but insiders say the 63-year-old skipper wants the job and is holding off committing to the Cardinals until the …

Joe Torre: Time to Go, or Hell No?

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Hold the Curry: Eddy Out 2 Weeks as Randolph Debuts

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In Sunday’s Post, Marc Berman wrote that the key to the Knicks season is whether or not behemoths in the middle Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph can coexist in the block, and whether floor general Stephon Marbury can keep everyone fed and happy. Monday night’s preseason opener should have served as the first crucial step in what undoubtedly will be a long and conflict-filled process.

However only one lumbering giant took the floor for the Knickerbockers last night, as Randolph made an impressive debut in blue-and-orange while Curry sat on the sidelines with a torn labrum in his right shoulder. The injury will require two weeks of rehab, and will only serve to retard the tandem’s growing pains.

Coach Isiah Thomas, for one, isn’t concerned about the injury’s impact on his two-headed monster in the paint. Said Thomas, “They’ve played basketball before…I’m sure they’ll find their way.”

That’s great, Zeke. Why are we paying you again?

Hey, the Giants might be pretty good

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The New York Giants are 3-2. Three weeks ago, at 0-2 with a defense that had given up 80 points in those losses, did you dare to think the Giants would be in this spot?

Give Tom Coughlin some credit. This team is playing pretty well, you aren’t seeing the foolish penalties that have plagued the team in the past, and you aren’t seeing as much of talking from the players.

Coughlin has been preaching “win the fourth quarter,” and that is how the Giants have won the last two games.

There even seems to be a little more interaction between Coughlin and his players. Not to mention the fact that no one uttered a peep about his decision to bench Aaron Ross for half of Sunday’s game for violating an unspecified team rule. That would not have happened a year ago.

Have you looked at the Giants schedule? If you haven’t it’s on the left side of this page. With 1-3 Atlanta, 2-3 San Francisco (now minus QB Alex Smith) and 0-5 Miami the …

Yankees Rumors & News

I am too stunned — and too tired — to think straight right now.

The New York Yankees season is over. The Joe Torre Era in the Bronx might be over. The A-Rod Era in the Bronx might be over. It’s entirely possible, especially if Torre is gone, that several other Yankee stalwarts have played their final game in New York.

I’m in disbelief. I was sure the Yankees would win Game 4. Sure that Chien Ming-Wang would pitch well and the Yankees would be playing Wednesday in Cleveland for a berth in the ALCS. That, of course, didn’t happen. The Indians won, 6-4, and will play the Boston Red Sox for the right to advance to the World Series.

In New York, it may as well be winter. Another dark, dreary discontented off-season has begun too soon.

Right now, I can’t think about all the reasons why this happened. After three straight first-round playoff exits I should be used to this.

But, I’m not. The Yankees season is over. The storms around the Bronx, though, …

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