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Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Why the Jets will win…….and Lose

Jets Rumors & News

The BUZZ in New York 

Three reasons why the Jets won’t beat the Eagles on Sunday:

1. Head Coach Andy Reid is 8-0 following the bye week and he tends to let the players spend most of the week resting.

2. Donovan McNabb plays his best when he’s not pressured. The Giants sacked him 12 times (Eagles lose, 16-3) while the Lions sacked him just three times (Eagles win, 56-21). The Jets have three sacks all season and have struggled to even put pressure on the opposing QB.

3. Thomas Jones averages less than 45 yards per carry against teams with at least one win. The Eagles have one win and one of the best defensive coordinators in the league. Jimmy Johnson has had two weeks to figure out how to defend a team with only two plays of 40+ yards all season.

Three reasons why the Jets will beat the Eagles:

1. The game will be close as both offenses struggle to score. It might come down to a field goal to win it. The usually-reliable Eagles’ kicker, David Akers …

Yankees Rumors & News

The Joe Torre Death Watch is continuing in New York.

The Yankees, it seems, will not treat Torre with the dignity and respect he showed during his 12 years as manager. Not only will they fire him, but it seems they are going to let him twist in the wind for a while before they do it.

“Have some patience. Things take time. There will be a process and we’ll work through that, and it will lead us where it leads us,” general manager Brian Cashman said. “My speculation is I’m not going to have anything to report in the coming days.”

“There’s nothing decided yet,” said Hank Steinbrenner, a son of the owner and a team senior vice president.

This is precisely what I hoped would not happen. Whether he deserves to go or not (and I think he doesn’t), Torre doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. Four World Series titles, 12 playoff appearances and the respect of most everyone who has ever dealt with him should earn him better treatment than this.

Don …

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