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Friday, October 12th, 2007

Eagles’ Dawkins Out, Westbrook in, for Sunday’s Game

Jets Rumors & News

The Philadelphia Eagles have announced that safety Brian Dawkins is out for Sunday’s game against the New York Jets. Dawkins will miss his third-straight game with a “neck stinger.”

Three other starters will be returning to the lineup after missing the Giants game (a 16-3 Eagles’ loss). Running back Brian Westbrook, tight end LJ Smith, and left tackle William Thomas will all start on Sunday but be monitored very closely during the game.

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For Giants, a time of peace

Giants Rumors & News

Things are eerily quiet around the New York Giants these days.

No players are undermining the coaching staff by questioning the team’s strategy.

No one is whining about Tom Coughlin having too many stupid rules.

No one is complaining when TC metes out discipline. There wasn’t a peep when first-round pick Aaron Ross was benched for last Sunday’s first half after an apparent curfew violation. Or, when practice squad member EJ Underwood was unceremoniously cut after blowing off a meeting.

No one is moaning to the press about playing time or not getting the ball enough, even Jeremy Shockey.

No media members have speculated lately about which big-name coach would be replacing Coughlin next season.

It’s really amazing what a few victories can do.

When it comes to the Giants, this kind of tranquility — if you want to call it that — is also sort of scary.

I can’t remember a time during Coughlin’s four-year tenure with the Giants, where things around the Giants felt this … this … this … peaceful. …

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