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Monday, October 15th, 2007

Eagles Soar Over Jets

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By now you know the Jets are 1-5, the Patriots 6-0, and the gap between them from a talent perspective as wide as the girth on the coach that beat them yesterday, Andy Reid. 

You know the stats on paper show exactly what the Jets are on the field ~ horrible.

It all started when I walked into the stadium and the Jets and Eagles took the field and the only team in green and white team was the bad guy.

It was throwback day at the Meadowlands and you would have thought they could have picked any other opponent to do it against. It looked like Michigan vs Michigan State. And the play wasn’t much better than an NCAA division 1 game. In fact, it was probably worse.

Even the flag team had to perform to music from way back when. However, they didn’t turn back the clocks with their uniform choice. What they were wearing would have never been allowed in public during the days of the Titans.

And speaking of uniforms, Eric Mangini must have …

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