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Friday, October 19th, 2007

Joe Torre ~ The Press Conference

Yankees Rumors & News

Yesterday Joe Torre turned down the Yankees contract offer.  Today his pinstripe-free life began with how his first day in pinstripes started, facing the press.  After Torre made a prepared statement, he sat and answered all questioned thrown his way with both local and national media for over an hour. 

What did we get from Torre’s press conference? 

According to Torre, the reason he went down to Tampa after he received the contract offer was to negotiate the terms.  When he arrived he found out the front office wasn’t budging.  He had no choice but to turn it down.  Torre felt he deserved more than another season as a lame duck manager and found the incentive-based structure to be an “insult” (which were his strongest words toward the Yankees).  It’s unclear whether the Yankees themselves felt much differently as Torre did little to dissuade the notion that management had perhaps presented him with a calculated offer they knew he would refuse. Torre made it clear that he did not feel everyone in …

Ocho Cinco No Esta Bailando

Jets Rumors & News

TD Dancin’ ~ Outspoken Bengals’ wide-receiver Chad Johnson has announced that he will not do any more TD dances until the 1-4 Bengals hit the .500 mark in the win-loss column. In other words, most likely, we’ve seen the last of Mr. Johnson’s moves for this season.

With the Bengals’ poor start and remaining schedule (I see 7 winnable games, unfortunately, this Sunday’s game being one of them), it’s very unlikely they will get to the .500 mark before the end of the season.

I have to take my hat off to this ego-maniac for realizing that no matter what he does personally on the football field, it shouldn’t be the focus when his team is struggling well beyond what anyone would have guessed at the beginning of the season.

With the near-defenseless Jets (27th against the pass, 28th overall) coming into town he is potentially giving up multiple opportunities to strut his stuff in front of the home crowd. At 1-5, the Jets have yet to stop any team with an offensive pulse. Heck, even …

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