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Saturday, October 20th, 2007
Yankees Rumors & News

Since the Yankees have announced that Joe Torre turned down a one-year incentive laden contract the team will be on the lookout for a new manager and probably new coaches as well.

None of the coaches are under contract for next season and that is not going to change for the time being. “I’ve made them aware that I’m not able to guarantee them positions until we have a manager,” general manager Brian Cashman said to Newsday.

With Don Mattingly said to be the favorite to replace Torre it is likely the Yankees will have to replace him as bench coach. No word has come as to who it might be, but it might be wise for Joe Girardi to at least consider the position. He was the former bench coach before taking the job as the Florida Marlin’s manager in 2006. Girardi also has aspirations to manage the Yankees, but as a first year manager for a team desperate to get back …

Joe Says It Ain’t So

Yankees Rumors & News

On Thursday afternoon the New York Yankees took their first step in a new direction. A 4pm conference call was announced and the Yankees Team President Randy Levine spoke. He offically announced that Joe Torre rejected the Yankees offer of a 1-year $5 million offer with a $1 million bonus for every round of the postseason he reached. It marked an end of an era and it was the beginning of something new.

You can argue that this was a move the Yankees should’ve made a year or two earlier but ask most Yankee fans and they’d tell you they’d prob prefer Torre as the manager. Who else can replace the man that brought back prestige and respectability to the pinstripes? He made Yankee Stadium the place to be the last 12 years. He instilled fear and imtimidation in the opposition. Or was that something the Yankee players did themselves? It was a combination of both, and that’s what made it work. That’s what got the Yankees 4 world championships in Torre’s …

Levine, for better or worse, is the new boss

Yankees Rumors & News

In the aftermath of the dismissal of New York Yankees Manager Joe Torre, it is obvious the team is no longer run by George Steinbrenner — or any Steinbrenner.

The new boss is Randy Levine, team president and long-time Torre hater, who has taken advantage of George’s decline to grab authority.

Levine has long been suspected of being the primary Tampa source of the backstabbing directed at Torre in recent years. There are also those who think it was he who arranged Steinbrenner’s conversation with Ian O’Connor in which Steinbrenner said Torre wouldn’t be back if the Yankees lost to Cleveland.

If the Yankees are the Evil Empire, the New York Post’s Mike Vaccaro says Levine is truly “the face of evil.”

Now the Yankees are run by a tangle of titles, by a couple of Steinbrenner sons and a gaggle of in-laws and headed by a professional politician named Randy Levine who never has made any pretense about the fact he is unconvinced that Torre personally …

Giants defense hasn’t proven anything yet

Giants Rumors & News

No one would be foolish enough to mention this New York Giants defense in the same breath as the 1985 Chicago Bears. Would they?

Bob Glauber of Newsday did just that in a column the other day.

The year was 1985, long before any of these Giants defensive linemen were even thinking about an NFL career. The Bears were putting together the most dominant single-season defensive performance ever.

Mention the ’85 Bears and you recall a relentless pass rush, with complicated, virtually unstoppable blitzes. Mike Singletary, Richard Dent, Otis Wilson, Wilber Marshall, Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael, Gary Fencik and Dave Duerson. They crushed all but one opponent – a Dolphins team that kept the ’72 Miami squad as the modern NFL’s only unbeaten – before steamrolling through the playoffs and Super Bowl XX. Bears 21, Giants 0. Bears 24, Rams 0. Bears 46, Patriots 10.

There will never be another team like it.

Yet the thought of those Bears came to mind, albeit briefly, during Monday night’s Giants-Falcons game …

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