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Let’s cut to the chase…Alex Rodriguez, you are the biggest PIECE OF GARBAGE that has ever donned the Yankee pinstripes. How the heck do you walk away from the greatest franchise in the HISTORY of sports? You greedy, selfish indiviual! You care about only one person…Alex Rodriguez. You only care about one thing…money.

arod-end.bmpYou have all the money in the world…you have the richest contract in the history of sports..you are the greatest player (maybe ever) playing for the greatest team ever in the greatest city ever! How much more could you want?? We gave you the support this year that YOU wanted, and YOU asked for. You finally produced and did things a $25 million a year player is suppose to do..put up numbers that are inhumane (.314 avg 54 HR 156 RBI). We did get on your case your first 3 years here, but that’s because you are here to bring us a world championship and you have done NOTHING to get us close to that. The MVP year you just had means NOTHING! You know why?? Because our rival the Boston Red Sox, won the World Series last night!! How did that happen? That hadn’t happened in the 86 years before you got here, and since you arrived in New York, it’s happened TWICE!

You say you opted out because you want to be where you have a chance to win every year…that’s an insult to my intelligence. The Yankees (and maybe Boston) are the only ones who have a chance to win EVERY year. The Yankees are built every single year so they can win a championship in October. What you said about not wanting to come back because of the uncertainty of Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte, is complete baloney. How can you walk away from a team who was going to offer you $140 million for 5 years?? That was going to get added on to the $81 million and 3 years left on your current contract. You didn’t even listen to the Yankees offer! How much money is enough?? What else do you want?

arod-by-himself.bmpYou could’ve been the best player of all time that played for the best team in history. You could’ve had your number retired along other Yankee greats and you could’ve had an Alex Rodriguez Day at the new Yankee Stadium. You could’ve gone into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee, but now all that is GONE, because you decided that $25 million dollars a year isnt good enough for you. You are making the biggest mistake of your career and you will always be known as a FAILURE! You couldn’t handle the pressure, you couldn’t produce in the grandest stage of them all…NEW YORK CITY. You couldn’t win a championship wearing the Yankee pinstripes! You, no matter where you go, will NEVER win a World Series and I hope you NEVER get to play in one. I hope no team offers you the kind of contract that you’re looking for this winter.

You wonder why so many people hate you A-Rod?? This is why: You make your announcement during the final game of the World Series, you try and take away from baseball grandest stage. I hate the Red Sox just as much as I hate you now, but at least the Red Sox earned their right to be in the spotlight. This is just another example of you trying to be bigger than the sport itself. You are truly a piece of garbage. I don’t care where you go, but remember…you’ll be back. The All-Star Game is in Yankee Stadium next year and we all know you’re going to be there. I can’t wait til you get booed right out of the Bronx and I hope you get serenaded with a bunch of obscene gestures and chants and it gets so bad that you can’t show your face. That’s what YOU deserve. You turned your back on the Yankees, the fans, your teammates and most importantly your legacy…I guess the only thing that matters to you is money…and in that case have your money…the Yankees have won without you and they will win again without you…I just hope you’re in the other dugout one day to witness it firsthand.

Yankees Payroll Under A-Rod: Over $200 Million
Yankees World Championships Under A-Rod : 0
Yankees FIRST Round Defeats under A-Rod: 3
A-Rod Salary Under Old Contract: About $25 million a year
A-Rod Watching the Yankees Win the World Series in the Vistor’s Dugout: PRICELESS

Some things money can buy…but what you can’t buy A-Rod…is PRIDE. That went right out the door…and into the hands of the devil, your agent Scott Boras. I say get out of here, A-Rod. It’s time for New York to win a championship…without you!

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  1. 1 On January 17th, 2009, yankeefan said:

    a-hole seems to have his head in a different space these days, I bet his soulmate madonna told him to do it.

  2. 2 On February 11th, 2009, joe said:

    look a rod is the best player in the game he used steroids in 2001-2003 what diffrence does it make now.its not over for him quit hating!

  3. 3 On October 18th, 2009, Santana said:

    Nice article. How do you feel now?? Idiot!

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