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Thursday, November 1st, 2007
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Alex Rodriguez might have opted out of his contract with the Yankees, but it doesn’t mean he’s going to have to change his address.  With the rumors circulating that the Giants, Angels, Cubs, and Red Sox may be A-Rod’s new team, don’t count out the Mets to be in the mix when it comes to the A-Rod sweepstakes. 

It’s no secret Mets ownership loves A-Rod.  In 2000, they were on the verge of signing him before he opted for a bigger contract with the Rangers.  Seven years later, the Mets have the opportunity to acquire him again.  This is a different Mets team than seven years ago.  Is A-Rod worth the cost, and how can he logistically fit on this team? 

The Mets have Jose Reyes and David Wright on the left side of their infield.  Both are franchise players that are under contract for years to come.  In order to bring in Rodriguez, one of them would have to change positions.  Reyes isn’t that guy.  He has a better glove then Rodriguez and can …

Bronx Or Bust For Pettitte

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Ever since the news broke that Joe Torre will most likely be named manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Yankee fans have been having nightmare visions of Don Mattingly, Alex Rodriguez, and maybe even Andy Pettitte joining Torre in Yankees West. Well you can probably scratch A-Rod off that list, and now you can most definitely remove Andy Pettitte’s name.

Talking to a charity golf event in Houston, Pettitte stated that it’s Bronx or bust for the veteran pitcher, citing an obligation to the Yankee organization for granting him a $16 million player option. Via the New York Post:

“The New York Yankees committed an awful lot of money to me and put it in my hands, gave me a player option and trusted me with that option,” Pettitte said. “It probably wouldn’t be real honorable for me not to do anything other than shut it down or go back and play for the New York Yankees.”

Just a guess here, but with 16 million dollars on the …

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