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wright-drunk.jpgDavid Wright, Gold Glove third baseman. I doubt I am the lone Mets fan – and surely not the lone fan in baseball – who chortled in my Cheerio’s when I heard this news. Wright, who led the team with a .325 average while slugging 33 homers en route to a 30-30 season, was lauded for his defense yesterday, joining teammate Carlos Beltran on Rawlings’ 51st NL Gold Glove team.

My initial reaction? The inclusion of Andruw Jones amongst the honorees yet again is all you need to know about the validity of these awards. For Jones, fat and sloth-like in centerfield this past season, it is the 10th time he has received the distinction, and at this point, it appears he can coast onto Rawlings’ list on reputation alone. Likewise Beltran, who was certainly advertised as a Gold Glove caliber defender when brought to New York, though he had never actually won the award until 2006 with the Mets. He’s now gone gilded in back-to-back seasons, apparently discovering the sort of recognition in the Big Apple that he couldn’t buy in Kansas City. Nevermind that I have actually heard some frustrated Met fans suggest GM Omar Minaya sign Aaron Rowand to play center field at Shea next season, moving Carlos to right; or that during Beltran’s first season in blue-and-orange, centerfielder-turned-corner-outfielder Mike Cameron was widely viewed as the superior glove between the two.

Which brings us back to Wright, whose erratic throws have been much maligned amongst his own fan base, prompting some to suggest a move to 1st base (a la Kevin Youkilis) might not be a bad notion – with or without Alex Rodriguez in Queens. David has worked tirelessly to improve his play at the hot corner, however, does anyone think Wright would have won this award if he wasn’t a superstar in New York City coming off an MVP-type season? Of course not.

atkins.jpgWhat might be most surprising is that, looking at the raw numbers, it’s tough to kill Rawlings’ committee for the selection. Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals is generally considered a stellar fielder and compiled a .955 fielding percentage in ’07, however his 23 errors tied Miguel Cabrera – never a good thing – and Wright’s .954 fielding percentage is only negligibly lower. Guys like Chipper Jones and Aramis Ramirez both proved they can pick it with .971 and .972 fielding percentages respectively, however neither proved they could stay healthy, appearing in three-to-four hundred fewer innings than iron men Wright and Zimmerman. Likewise, the Giants’ Pedro Feliz possibly hurt his cause by appearing in just 143 games.

Your strongest argument for a snub here is Colorado’s Garrett Atkins. Coming off a 2006 season in which he hit .329 with 29 homers and 120 RBI, Garrett compiled another strong season at the dish, going .301 with 25 and 111 in ’07. He appeared in 157 games for the second straight season, fielding his position to the tune of .963 and riding a miracle wave to the World Series.

Moreover, Colorado, which led the Majors with a team fielding percentage of .989, was not deemed worthy of a single representative amongst Rawlings’ assemblage of golden leather. I wonder if they’ll blame the thin air? Slugging percentage, fielding percentage – it’s all the same thing…

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  1. 1 On November 9th, 2007, easycroc said:

    Apparently there are a lot of people that have not watched david wright play 3rd base.He made some outstanding plays during the year[yes he had throwing problems]But still made some plays i couldnt beleive!

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