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This was a matchup as good as the one in the Garden last night, the Nets’ big three of Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, and Vince Carter against the Celtics’ Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. You had enough pop and punch in East Rutherford to draw you away from the evening’s festivies across the river.

vince-carter-injured.jpgFor New Jersey things didn’t end up the way they had hoped. The big 3 from Boston got the better peformance and led it’s team to victory 112-101 over the Nets. Not only did the Nets lose the game, they also lost Carter in the 3rd quarter. Carter sprained his right ankle after a dunk and landing on Pierce’s foot. He would be escorted out of the arena after the game sporting a protective boot and on crutches.
Via Julian Garcia NY Daily News:

It’s just one of those freak accidents that you hope is not bad,” said Jason Kidd. “It could be severe, it could be mild.”

The Nets trailed as much as 21, going into the 4th quarter. But Boston held on down the stretch. The big 3 from Boston combined for 73 points and 27 rebounds as the Nets big 3 combined for 62 points.

It’s not just about the three of them versus the three of us,” Jefferson said of each team’s stars. “There were guys across the board who were having an impact.”

The Nets (4-2) and Celtics (5-0) play again Wednesday night in Boston. Carter surely will be a spectator for that game, as his injury last night appears it will knock him out for at least a few days. More will be known today as his ankle will be further examined.

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