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Friday, November 16th, 2007

A-Rod in Pinstripes Should Make Everyone Happy

Yankees Rumors & News

As the old expression goes “those who laugh last, laugh best”. In the case of Alex Rodriguez, his agent Scott Boras, and the New York Yankees, who exactly is laughing last? One thing is for sure, they’ll all be laughing their way to the bank. Yesterday Rodriguez and the Yankees agreed to the outline of a 10 year $275 million contract. It will be the richest contract in sports history.

There are many questions you can ask yourselves on this situation:
– Did Boras overplay his hand by convincing himself and Alex that there was $350 million out there on the open market?
– Was there ever $350 million out there?
– Did A-Rod come back to the Yankees to salvage his reputation or because he really wanted to be a Yankee?
– Did Rodriguez really decide it upon himself to reach out to the Yankees or was it a trick up Boras’ sleeve?
– The Yankees said they would NOT talk to A-Rod or Boras if he opted out, didn’t they?

The answer …

Zeke’s Reign Of Refuge At an End?

Knicks Rumors & News

If Stephon Marbury’s bloated $42 million contract already seemed unmovable, LeBron James didn’t add any grease to the wheels yesterday. When asked about the Cavs possibly acquiring Marbury via trade, LeBron replied, “I couldn’t have a guy like that on my team.”

Indeed, LeBron isn’t alone. According to a report, Marbury’s teammates voted for Stephon not to play in Wednesday night’s game against the Clippers. Head coach Isiah Thomas responded by giving Marbury 33 minutes and 36 seconds of playing time in the loss – most of any player coming off the bench and fourth most on the team.

According to Alan Hahn of Newsday, in the wake of this week’s events, Thomas has lost the support of the locker room, and his actions in Los Angeles “only promoted concerns that one inmate really does run this asylum and lent credibility to the report that Marbury threatened to reveal secrets he has about Thomas if he were benched.” Says Hahn:

…With 2:53 left in the first quarter, …

Mets Giving Eckstein a 2nd Glance

Mets Rumors & News

Via Adam Rubin of the Daily News:

With their catchers secure, the Mets seemingly can turn their attention to second base, where Luis Castillo is entertaining offers and may land elsewhere. The scuttlebutt among agents is that the Mets are serious about signing David Eckstein to play second base. Eckstein, a sparkplug and the 2006 World Series MVP with the Cardinals at shortstop, has played just 14 career games at second base. Other suitors appear to be St.Louis and San Diego, which also would use the 32-year-old Eckstein at second base.

All indications are that Castillo remains the Mets’ top choice to play 2nd, however, interest around the league appears to be high and the Mets could grow wary if the price tag begins to rise.

Statistically, Castillo (AVG .301 | HR 1 | RBI 38 | OBP .362 | SLG .359) and Eckstein (AVG .309 | HR 3 | RBI 31 | OBP .356 | SLG .382) match up pretty evenly. I’ve always liked Eckstein. He’s a …

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