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Thursday, November 29th, 2007

One-Month Anniversary on the Bench for Chad

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Sunday’s game against the win-less Dolphins marks the one-month anniversary of Chad Pennington’s official benching.

Was it really that long ago?

It seems like just yesterday he was taking snaps and floating pinpoint passes to open receivers. It seems like not long ago he was the revitalized Chad Pennington who took this team to a 10-6 record last year and an unpredictable playoff appearance.

It was a month ago when we last saw #10 run out of the tunnel as the starting QB for the New York Jets. Today, he spends his weeks preparing as the backup. A role he is very unfamiliar with and of course, not comfortable with.

The reality is, Kellen Clemens hasn’t exactly lit the NFL on fire. And other than the win against the Steelers, which gives him the same number of wins as Pennington this season, the QB change hasn’t really made a big difference.

Sure, you see signs of a more mobile and younger player. You see glimpses of hope when the ball is rifled to a receiver. But his late-game interception last …

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