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As wretched as it was to watch this game as a fan last night, I feel even worse for the beat writers who had to sit through it without the benefit of DVR and a Rangers-Islanders game up the dial, and then had to write about it. Luckily for me, I can just highlight the “best of” this morning’s headlines.


Via’s Chris Sheridan:

It was scarcely more than a week ago that I cautioned never to declare anything a new low for the New York Knicks, because one can always be certain that no matter how bad things may look at the moment, there’s always the distinct possibility no, make that the distinct certainty — that something even more horrific is in store.

But dare we say the same thing again after watching the Knicks embarrass themselves anew Thursday night in a 104-59 loss to the Boston Celtics?

Things couldn’t get worse than that, could they? The answer, of course, is yes, they could. And how could they possibly outdo the new low they dropped to on national television Thursday night? Perhaps we’ll find out Friday, and then we can turn our attention to seeing whether Thomas makes it though Saturday.

Via Newsday’s Neil Best:

“The Knicks are embarrassing,” analyst Charles Barkley said at halftime after joking that Patrick Ewing and other former Knicks were rolling over in their graves. “Their body language is like it’s the end of the season and they are playing out their games. They’ve got no energy and no emotion and it’s flat-out embarrassing. They are going through the motions, period.”

And all that was before things got even worse in the second half. “In all my years of broadcasting, I have never seen anything like this,” said Marv Albert, for decades the voice of the Knicks before leaving on bad terms.

Via the Post:

In an incredible display of surrender, with 8:09 left and the Celtics mounting a 50-point lead on Eddie House’s jumper, a Knicks fan sitting behind the basket ripped off his blue Knicks jersey, threw it onto the court in a rage and marched up the stairs and out of the building as Celtics fans applauded.

Ladies and Gentleman, your New York Knicks.

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