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schneider.jpgAccording to WFAN, the Mets have traded Lastings Milledge to the Washington Nationals for catcher Brian Schneider and outfielder Ryan Church.

The news comes as a shock to a lot of Mets fans, who had widely hoped that Milledge would be included in a package for a top-flight starter such as Oakland’s Dan Haren or Baltimore’s Eric Bedard. At the very least fans assumed Milledge could be included in a package to bring back innings-eating workhorse Joe Blanton.

lastings.jpgAs it turns out, those hopes were delusional. The Mets reportedly shopped Milledge around extensively and found zero interest in the player around the league. Given everything that’s happened to Lastings during his first few seasons in the majors, it’s not altogether surprising that his stock has fallen, but it is somewhat amazing just how far and how quickly it fell.

The Mets, who evidently never had any intention of going into spring training with Johnny Estrada on the roster, have plugged their hole at catcher and added some depth to their outfield while eliminating a player they viewed as a bust on the field and a headache off it. Nevertheless, people are bound to argue that the team gave up on Milledge too quickly, and the organization will certainly look foolish if Milledge turns into an All-Star for the division rival Nats. More than anything, I can’t help but think what could have been. There was a time not too long ago when the team seemed poised to acquire Roy Oswalt in a three-way deal in exchange for Milledge and Aaron Heilman. Just a short time later, Milledge is gone for a bag of balls. To me, this deal is less about how it will affect the Mets on the field, and more about the meteoric fall of L Millz.

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  1. 1 On November 30th, 2007, Robert Abruzzese said:

    Maybe the Mets are going to turn around and trade Church. Schneider has terrible numbers. This move doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  2. 2 On November 30th, 2007, gozer said:

    I think the Mets figured that if they had to downgrade offensively at the catcher position, they had to upgrade defensively. From that perspective I understand adding Schnieder. I also understand Church. The acquisitions make sense…it’s what’s heading the other way that is so shocking. I won’t miss Milledge, but I always imagined that when he left, he’d be bringing something back in return. How could someone like that have zero value after being one of this franchises more highly touted prospects in the last decade?? It just seems like all the cards are falling against the Mets. The one hope they had is that they could move some of these young assets for value, but now it seems like they can’t even do that. I’m officially alarmed about this ’08 rotation. We’re looking at Pedro, Maine, Perez, Duque, and who? Livan Hernandez? Something crazy is gonna have to happen next week in order for the Mets to come out of the Winter Meetings with anything of value. This trade has really depressed me.

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