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fish_sacked.jpgThe New York Jets flew to balmy Miami determined not to become the Dolphins’ sole win this season. They will land in snow-covered Newark with a season sweep against Miami following a resounding 40 – 13 victory that featured the Jets scoring 20 second-half points while shutting out the Dolphins during the final 30 minutes. 

The statistics were impressive: Kellen Clemens threw for 236 yards and a touch down, Thomas Jones rushed for 75 yards and a TD and Leon Washington averaged 6.8 yards on ten carries while scoring two TDs. Even Mike Nugent was a perfect 4 -4 kicking field goals. 

But when playing a win-less team, the statistics should be impressive. In fact, they should be overly impressive. Which of course, the three-win New York Jets’ stats were not.

After today’s win over the Dolphins, the New York Jets find themselves three games out and in control of the tie-breaker with just four games to go.

That means that even if the Dolphins were to win three of their last four games (very unlikely) and the Jets don’t win another game (more likely), the Jets, by virtue of their two wins over the Dolphins, control the tie-breaker and still won’t get the first pick in the draft.

And that means the most frustrating season in the post-Kotite era still won’t get New York the top pick, maybe not even one of the top three.

fish_fan.jpgToday’s victory over the win-less Dolphins only proved what we’ve come to accept, we are probably the best of the two worst teams in the NFL. The difference between the Jets and all the other 2 – 4 win teams is that the Jets are still playing with the majority of their season-opening lineup in tact.

Other than Jonathan Vilma, who has been replaced by arguably a better player in David Harris, the rest of the players in key positions in the starting lineup are the same ones that broke camp with the playoffs in mind. And not just making the playoffs like last season, but playing more than one game in January.

With games left against Cleveland, New England, Tennessee and Kansas City, the Jets will struggle to go 2 – 2. Even if they do, their win total will be half what it was last year. Many would argue that last year was a fluke and the Jets really weren’t a ten-win team. That might be true, but with virtually the same team back this season, nobody would have thought they’d be just a five-win team. Or even worse, a three-win team.

Three of the last four games are winnable. And there’s really no reason not to try and win them all. After all, barring a miracle, today’s win more or less guaranteed the number one pick in the draft won’t be in green and white next year.

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