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Monday, December 3rd, 2007

A Mets/ Yanks Update From Nashville

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According to the Journal News’ John Delcos on his blog, Mets GM Omar Minaya is preparing the media and the fan base for some inactivity at this week’s big Winter Meetings. “You get in trouble when you feel you have to make a trade,” Omar cautioned. “You make a trade only if it makes sense. I don’t feel like we have to make a trade.’’ According to Delcos, the GM also believes he has already strengthened his club compared to the team that came to Spring Training in ’07. Of course, this could just be a lot of smoke from Omar, who never met a deal he didn’t like.

Meanwhile, is some more encouraging news, Delcos’ colleague at the News, Peter Abraham, informs us via his blog that the Yanks and Twins are scheduled to meet tonight, presumably to reach some sort of resolution on Johan Santana. Stay tuned, as it wouldn’t be at all surprising if something were to break overnight.

Jets in the Playoff Mix?

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Well, not exactly………

Cleveland’s loss to Arizona this past Sunday dropped the Browns’ record to 7-5 and put them in a tie with the Tennessee Titans for the AFC’s second wildcard spot (Jacksonville has the first). The first potential tiebreaker between the Browns and Titans is AFC record; currently the Browns are 5-4 and the Titans 4-4 against AFC opponents.

The next tiebreaker would be record in common games. The Browns lost to Oakland, beat Houston and are 1-0 against the Bengals with one to go. The Titans beat Oakland, beat Houston twice and lost to the Bengals.

Both teams still have to play the Jets, and so indirectly, the Jets could impact the AFC playoff race based on the outcome of their games against the Browns and Titans. Unfortunately, it’s the only way you’ll see the words Jets and playoffs in the same story this season.

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Hank, Yanks May Have Tampered

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According to Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe, Yankees owner and mouth piece Hank Steinbrenner may have crossed the line into tampering with some of his “remarkably blunt and public” comments regarding Johan Santana. A report in the Minnesota Star-Tribune indicated that when asked whether the Twins considered some of Hank’s remarks tampering, a club official replied, “We’re not happy. We’ll deal with this internally.”

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Donald Marbury Sr., father of Knicks guard Stephon Marbury died yesterday after he left Madison Square Garden while the Knicks were playing the Phoenix Suns. 

The senior Marbury was at the game and left due to the experience of chest pains.  He was rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital, where he died of an apparent heart attack. 

Stephon, who had a strong game (21 points, 4 assists) in the Knicks 115-104 loss, was not notified of his fathers death until after the game.   

Losing his father has been another tragedy in what has been the toughest season in Marbury’s career.  He clashed with management earlier in the year after being told he was losing his starting job, and three weeks ago he missed time due to the passing of his aunt.   

The next Knicks game is scheduled for Wednesday in New Jersey.  It’s unknown if Marbury will be available, but it’s assumed he could miss up to a week on bereavement.

My prayers go out to Stephon Marbury and his family.

Victory Monday Jets’ Tidbits

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Despite having won only three games it’s safe to say that nobody would have ever believed it would take Thomas Jones 12 games to score his first TD as a New York Jet.

But his one-yard run into the end zone during the 4th quarter of Sunday’s game was in fact his first TD of the season. 

Jones kept the ball for his trophy case as he has done after scoring his first TD with his three previous teams.

WR Jericho Cotchery did not play yesterday and might miss a few weeks after having surgery on his right index finger.

Eric Mangini gave the Jets off today ~ their first Monday off of the season following a win. The Jets reported on Monday following the first win against the Dolphins and had to report on the Monday after Steelers victory due to the Thanksgiving game. The Jets will also have the standard post-game Tuesday off and then report back on Wednesday to prepare for Cleveland.

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Report: Bedard Wants Out

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According to the Washington Post, Orioles left-hander Erik Bedard has rebuffed the team’s efforts to sign him to a contract extension and intends to bolt Baltimore for free agency following the 2009 season. While the report describes Bedard as a “poor man’s Santana, costing a team half the talent and less than half the money,” initial reports have indicated that the O’s asking price for the pitcher is exorbently high.

Needless to say, the Mets are extremely interested in adding Bedard to their leaky rotation, as would be the Yankees or Red Sox should they lose out in the Santana Sweepstakes.

Winter Meetings, Day 1: Yankees Give Twins a Deadline

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With the Winter Meetings starting today in Nashville, the focus on the first day will be on one player.  Who will acquire Twins pitcher Johan Santana? 

Queue the circus music… 

The Yankees have offered a package of Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, and a prospect to be determined.  Word is the final prospect is the current hold up.  It’s been rumored the Twins want Austin Jackson or Ian Kennedy, but the Yankees aren’t willing to include either.  They want Minnesota to take more of a mid-level prospect, like Alberto Gonzalez or Jeffrey Marquez.   

Red Sox have offered a package centered around Jacoby Ellsbury.  With Ellsbury in the deal it means the Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester are off the table.  Rumors are that a package of Ellsbury and prospects Justin Masterson, and Michael Bowden is the current offer. 

Santana has made his own statements that he will only waive his no trade clause to play for the Yankees or Red Sox.  This is only in the off-season.   He will not waive his no-trade clause …

Pettitte returns to the Bronx for ’08

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The wait is finally over. Andy Pettitte will be back in pinstripes in 2008. He declined his ’08 player option for $16 million last month citing he was either going to play for the Yankees in 2008 or retire.

According to the Houston Choncrile., Pettitte told former Houston Astro teammates and current Yankee teammates that he would come back and play in the Bronx this season. Pettitte’s agent Randy Hendricks has informed the Yankees of Andy’s decision.

“Many teammates have called urging Andy to return as well as manager Joe Girardi,” Hendricks said. “It’s well known that the Yankees have publicly stated that they were ready for Andy when Andy was ready.”

The decision to return to the Yanks is a big one, as the Yanks’ offseason agenda continues to progress. The agreements with Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Alex Rodriguez and now Pettitte, assure New York that most of their heavy lifting this winter is done. Pettitte was 15-9 with a 4.05 ERA last season. He pitched one of …

‘Kudos & Wet Willies’ as Giants escape with victory

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Sunday’s 21-16 comeback victory over the Chicago Bears was a huge victory for the Giants in many ways.

Let’s go through some of what it meant.

What is Eli Manning? There are still questions about Eli, and probably will be as long as he doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring. For this week, though, he is a quarterback who found a way to win a road game against a tough defense despite playing poorly. So, for at least a week maybe the Eli debate will be muted.

What is this team? There are plenty of questions about what the Giants are, and exactly how good they are. Who is their go-to offensive player? Can their secondary hold up without the pass rush? Can they get to the playoffs? Can they finally win a playoff game? For now, though, they are an 8-4 team that hung together, won a difficult road game and has now put itself in position to reach the playoffs for the third straight season.

What is Tom Coughlin? Is he a guy whose teams sputter …

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