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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Back Burner Banter: Will the Knicks ever fire Isiah Thomas?

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Hey Hot Stove Nation. We’re starting a new feature here on HSNY where a bunch of our regular columnists chime in on a hot topic or two. So without further adieu…

Will the Knicks ever fire Isiah Thomas?

Rob Abruzzese:

Do I think that Isiah should get fired? Yes absolutely. Do I want him to get fired? No absolutely not. The Knicks are going nowhere this season, but they are the most fun team to follow in NY these days and as long as their record goes down the drain I hope these funny headlines keep coming. Maybe next game Isiah will punch out a fan.


For some reason fans continue to fill the building – even if it’s just to boo. Dolan didn’t pull the plug on the Scott Layden era until those fannies stopped filling the seats, and I’m sure the same is true of Isiah. I think, at the end of the year, another season without sniffing …

Giant Signing Could Kill Deal for Matsui

Yankees Rumors & News

Aaron Rowand has agreed to a $60 million, five-year contract with the San Francisco Giants. The 30-year-old Rowand is coming off his best season in majors, in which he hit .309 with 27 homers and 89 RBI while playing home games in Philadlephia’s hitter-friendly Citizens Bank Park. Those numbers are likely to drop significantly in the expansive outfield of AT&T Park. Nevertheless, while the price tag may be exorbitant, Rowand brings a Gold Glove resume and hard-nosed mentality to San Francisco; and his bat, while not extraordinary, should loom large in the Giants’ anemic lineup.

With Rowand in the fold, Yankee fans must be wondering whether the Giants still have room for Hideki Matsui, who had been rumored to be on his way to the Bay Area via trade. Rowand’s signing could be an indication that discussions between the two teams have broken down. With Barry Bonds finally off the books, it’s also possible that the team feels it has room in the budget for both …

Could the Jets Record the Biggest Loss Ever?

Jets Rumors & News

The point spread is 24 as of today, but you don’t have to be a die-hard fan to realize that this number could be half of the actual point differential when the Jets travel to face the undefeated Patriots on Sunday.
The Patriots have been running up the score on teams they could care less about, so the fact that the Jets organization embarassed them by turning them into the NFL for spying, makes it hard to not believe that the 3-10 Jets are in for quite possibly the longest afternoon in the history of the NFL.
Biggest Routs
Via, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, here are the most lopsided scores since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970:


Los Angeles Rams vs. Atlanta

Jacksonville vs. Miami

Cincinnati vs. Houston

Miami vs. New England

Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh

Green Bay vs. New Orleans

* =postseason

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Astros Acquire Tejada

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the Orioles have shipped shortstop Miguel Tejada to Houston in exchange for outfielder Luke Scott, pitchers Matt Albers, Troy Patton and Dennis Sarfate, and third baseman Michael Costanzo.

I’m a little surprised by the timing of the move given the imminent release of the Mitchell Report, due out tomorrow. Tejada, along with teammates Brian Roberts and Jay Gibbons, had been accused of using anabolic steroids by former Oriole reliever Jason Grimsley, according to an October 2006 report in the Los Angeles Times. Gibbons was recently suspended for 15 games by Major League Baseball after he was tied to purchases of HGH.

Spy vs. Spy

Jets Rumors & News

In anticipation of this weekend’s matchup between the juggernaut Patriots and stumbling Jets, numerous reports have surfaced today that the infamous “Spygate” scandals goes much further than initially reported. According to league sources, a Jets employee was removed from Foxborough last season for filming the game from behind the end zone. The Jets claim that they had sought and were granted permission from the Patriots to place a camera at that location, and did not break league rules which stipulate that “no video recording devices are permitted in the coaches’ booth, the sideline or the locker room.”

As you know, earlier this season the Patriots were fined $250,000 and docked a 2008 first-round pick for filming the Jets’ defensive signals. Coach Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 for the incident.

Nets’ Move Delayed…Again

Nets Rumors & News

In 2004, the Nets announced they would be moving to Brooklyn for the 2006-2007 season. When 2006 rolled around, officials announced that the team would actually be moving in 2009. Now?

“Our goal is to be in the arena during the calendar year 2010,” said Barry Baum, a spokesman for Forest City Ratner, the project’s developer.

Numerous legal battles have delayed the construction of the new arena in downtown Brooklyn time and time again. While construction of temporary yards for the LIRR has begun, they’ve yet to begin work on the arena itself. Meanwhile, the Nets will continue to play in the Izod Center in East Rutherford. Their lease runs through the 2012-13 season, and provides the team with an annual escape clause.

Everyone says this is happening, so I guess we will eventually see the Nets in Brooklyn. However, I can’t help thinking about that gorgeous new arena in Newark that the Devils just built…

Times: Rangers and Knicks Share Owner, but Little Else

Knicks Rumors & NewsRangers Rumors & News

This morning, Lynn Zinser of the New York Times pens a great article on the coexistence of the Knicks and Rangers, who not only share the World’s Most Famous Arena, but also a practice facility in Greenburgh, N.Y., and at times, like yesterday, even practice 100 yards apart and eat together in a common lunch room. I just got the odd mental image of Marc Staal asking Zach Randolph if he could pass the potatoes.

The article portrays the two clubs as a dichotomy of function and dysfunction, modesty and opulence. The Rangers are described as a team-of-the-people, the majority of whom’s players ride the subway to work, while the Knicks are painted in far less human tones. It appears that members of the Knicks were not even interviewed for the article (probably due to the team’s bizarre media policy). In contrast, Zinser provides an abundance of insightful comments from the Blueshirts.

While I’m sure the spin is purely that of the reporter, some of the team’s quotes are not exactly …

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