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Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Opinion: Clemens shoots his legacy in the butt

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Two quick reactions to The Mitchell Report.

First, you pretty much have to take everything that has happened in baseball in the past 10 years and look at it with a skeptical eye.

Second, you have to put Roger Clemens right there with Barry Bonds as a cheating fraud who doesn’t deserve the adulation, the millions of dollars and the victories he has compiled in the last decade.

Mitchell’s report indicates Clemens began using performance-enhancing drugs while with the Toronto Blue Jays. So, pretty much you can take the 162 victories Clemens racked up after leaving the Boston Red Sox and toss them in the trash can.

It turns out that then-Boston GM Dan Duquette, who said Clemens was “in the twilight of his career” when he let him leave the Red Sox in 1996, was probably right.

Without the juice, Clemens, who has 354 career victories, would likely have been finished as a productive pitcher a decade ago.

It will be really interesting to see what becomes of Clemens when it’s time to vote on his Hall …

Must Read: Complete Mitchell Report

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The Daily News has compiled a comprehensive list of the alleged users named in the report, including Rick Ankiel, Barry Bonds, Kevin Brown, Paul Byrd, Ken Caminiti, Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens, Jack Cust, Brendan Donnelly, Lenny Dykstra, Eric Gagne, Jason Giambi, Jeremy Giambi, Jay Gibbons, Troy Glaus, Jason Grimsley, Jose Guillen, Jerry Hairston, Todd Hundley, David Justice, Chuck Knoblauch, Paul Lo Duca, Gary Matthews Jr., Daniel Naulty, Denny Neagle, Rafael Palmeiro, Andy Pettitte, Todd Pratt, Brian Roberts, John Rocker, Scott Schoeneweis, David Segui, Gary Sheffield, Mike Stanton, Miguel Tejada, Derrick Turnbow, Mo Vaughn, Ron Villone, Rondell White, Matt Williams, and Gregg Zaun. Earlier this morning, prominent names such as Albert Pujols and Jason Varitek were leaked on the internet, however that list proved fraudulent. For the real list, click here.

Listen, if you’re a fan of baseball, this report is a must read. There’s no way anyone could possibly summarize all the information it contains. To download a PDF of the 300+ page report in its …

Paul Lo Duca, Todd Hundley Headline Former Mets Named

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Former Mets Paul Lo Duca, Mo Vaughn, Todd Hundley, and Todd Pratt are all named in the Mitchell Report.

When the Mets abruptly cut ties with Lo Duca this offseason, there were whispers that the Mets believed Paulie would be named on the Mitchell Report. Obviously, those concerns were warranted.

Via Senator George Mitchell’s Report:

Todd Hundley referred Lo Duca to Radomski when Lo Duca played for the Dodgers. Radomski estimated that he engaged in six or more transactions with Lo Duca….Radomski produced copies of three checks from Lo Duca, each in the amount of $3,200. All are included in the Appendix. Radomski said that each check was in payment for two kits of human growth hormone….According to the notes of an internal discussion among Los Angeles Dodgers officials in October 2003 that were referred to above, it was reportedly said of Lo Duca during the meetings:

Steroids aren’t being used anymore on him. Big part of this. Might have some value to trade . …

Stanton, Knoblauch Named As Well

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WFAN confirmed moments ago that former Yanks Mike Stanton and Chuck Knoblauch are also named in the Mitchell Report.

Basically, it was bad luck for the Bombers when Jason Grimsley got nailed by the federal government. Grimsley took his former teammates down with him, and that includes the ’99-2000 Yankees.

The Leaks Keep Coming: Pettitte Named In Mitchell Report

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When Roger Clemens’ name was leaked earlier this morning, it was widely thought that close friend Andy Pettitte would follow suit shortly thereafter. Both trained with longtime personal trainer Brian McNamee, who has now admitted to supplying both with performance enhancing drugs.

According to the Daily News, McNamee provided Senator Mitchell’s investigation with information linking Clemens to steroids and human growth hormone and Pettitte to human growth hormone.

According to the report, McNamee did business with former Mets clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski, who is believed to be the primary source for most of the names on the Mitchell Report. While it has been reported that no current Met players are on the report, expect numerous names from ’94-’95 Met teams of which Radomski was a member.

Oh My Goodness Gracious, Roger Clemens Is In the Mitchell Report!

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According to a report on, former Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens is named in the imminent Mitchell Report. It appears likely that Andy Pettitte is named in the report as well, though that is unconfirmed.

Brian McNamee, a former strength trainer for the Yankees and personal trainer for Clemens and Pettitte, told ESPN that he cooperated with Senator George Mitchell’s investigation, and admitted to supplying The Rocket with steroids.

The report follows numerous leaks that the Yankees figure prominently in Mitchell’s findings.

“It’s going to be a rough day in the Bronx,” a source told the Bergen Record.

Of all the dramatic things…

A-Rod and Yanks Finalize Deal

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The Yankees and Alex Rodriguez, who managed to keep his name off the Mitchell Report, finalized their 10 year $275 million agreement which could be worth $305 million if all bonuses are met.

The process of reaching the agreement may have soured a 16 year relationship between A-Rod and his super-agent Scott Boras.

On a conference call heard here, Alex described the events to the media.

“The whole thing was a mistake, it was a huge debacle,” said Rodriguez. “For me it was very stressful…I knew what I wanted from day one. The mistake I made was that I should have called Hank and Hal [Steinbrenner] from the get go.”

A-Rod said his intentions were always to return to the Yankees, but was mislead by his agent, Scott Boras, into thinking the Yankees were never interested in him. After realizing things didn’t add up Alex interjected his voice into the conversation. “When I realized that my goals were out of line that is when I realized …

Expect Mets and Yanks to Have Eye for Prior

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The Chicago Cubs announced that they non-tendered 27-year old Mark Prior last night after they failed to sign or trade him.

The Cubs wanted Prior to return, but expected him to agree to a pay cut because they did not want to pay over $3 million again for him to take up space on the disabled list. Realizing they were not going to reach an agreement with him they shopped him around the league hoping to trade him for prospects. The only serious inquiries came out of San Diego, but it appears the Padres did not want him badly enough to give up anything at all.

Now they’ll have their chance at signing him as a free-agent. Also expect the Mets and the Yankees to be interested in him as well. The Mets are desperate for starting pitching and have tried and failed to match up with teams in deals for Johan Santana, Dan Haren, and Eric Bedard.

The Yankees may make an offer for him because …

Prominent Yanks on Mitchell’s List, No Active Mets

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“‘Several’ prominent Yankees” will be named in Senator George Mitchell’s report on steroids in baseball, writes Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record, citing an industry source.

The same source informs Klapisch that no Mets from the current 40-man roster are named.

The Mitchell Report will be released in a 2 p.m. press conference this afternoon in New York City. A list of players referenced in the report will be posted on at that time as well.

Love Me Tender

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As expected, the Mets have non-tendered catcher Johnny Estrada. Estrada is no loss, and was acquired with the sole purpose of dumping Guillermo Mota. More surprisingly, outfielder Ben Johnson and reliever Juan Padilla have been non-tendered as well. Evidently neither have recovered from injury as quickly as the organization had hoped.

Watching Heath Bell morph into a premier setup man in San Diego was enough of a kick in the groin for Mets fans last year, however now with Johnson gone, it appears Bell was truly lost for absolutely nothing. The loss of Padilla eliminates another option in the thin Met pen.

The team could still seek to sign the two players to minor league contracts.

The Yankees, meanwhile, had their own difficult roster decisions to make. The team had delayed officially announcing the signings of free agents Alex Rodriguez, LaTroy Hawkins and Mariano Rivera in order to first make room for the trio on the 40-man roster. Ideally, the team would’ve liked to have bought out the remainder of Carl Pavano’s deal, however, for …

Magnini Defends Jets’ Videotaping at Foxboro

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Eric Mangini was asked about the Jets being asked to stop videotaping during the playoff game against New England last year.

Via the Associated Press, this was his response:

“We taped the game, is what we taped, and we taped end-zone copy of the game, and we tape a double end zone, which is standard operating procedure for us,” Mangini said Wednesday. “We request that every single road game, and it’s usually granted if physically it’s possible. And when people request it from us, we do the same thing: We grant it.

We do it every time we go on the road,” Mangini repeated. “We ask for permission to do it. It’s within the league rules, and when people ask us to do it, we grant it, as well.”

There was no question asked about whether the Jets were given or denied permission to tape this coming Sunday. Any bets?

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