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Friday, December 14th, 2007

Haren traded to D-Backs…for real this time

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On December 4th, in the midst of the Winter Meetings, the Oakland Athletics seemed poised to ship the starting pitcher for the 2007 AL All-Stars, Dan Haren, to the Arizona Diamondback. It took some time, but that rumored deal has finally come to fruition as the A’s appear headed toward a rebuilding phase the defending NL West champs seem intent on retooling for another run at the World Series in ’08. Haren will join Brandon Webb, in what suddenly looks like a dominating rotation. Via

The Arizona Diamondbacks acquired All-Star pitcher Dan Haren from Oakland and traded major league saves leader Jose Valverde to Houston in separate swaps involving 12 players Friday.

Oakland also sent right-hander Connor Robertson to Arizona and received six players: left-handers Brett Anderson, Dana Eveland and Greg Smith; infielder Chris Carter; and outfielders Aaron Cunningham and Carlos Gonzalez.

The NL West champion Diamondbacks got reliever Chad Qualls, infielder Chris Burke and right-hander Juan Gutierrez from the Astros.

As mentioned previously, some regarded …

Canseco: List Incomplete Without A-Rod

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In late July, Jose Canseco stated that he had “other stuff” on Alex Rodriguez that would be revealed in his next book, entitled “Vindicated.” At the time, Canseco declined to specify whether such revelations related to performance-enhancing drugs, only hinting to an uglier side behind A-Rod’s carefully crafted public persona. However, with the release of the Mitchell Report yesterday, Canseco seemed to confirm that he plans to “out” Rodriguez as a steroid cheat with his latest foray into literature.

Categorizing Mitchell’s report as “laughable”, Canseco was incredulous that so many cheats were left off the list, singling out A-Rod in particular.

“All I can say is the Mitchell Report is incomplete,” Canseco said, according to the Daily News. “I could not believe that (Rodriguez’s) name was not in the report.”

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Sometimes when you try to fix something that’s broken, you end up breaking it a little more. In the wake of yesterday’s revelations from the George Mitchell Report, we can now say Major League Baseball has a major problem.

In the Mitchell Report, Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte were amongst the names listed. Their names are now and will be forever linked to steroids thanks to their personal trainer Brian McNamee. Ok fine, I see the connection here…their own personal trainer supplied them and injected them with steroids and HGH. That’s the thought that immediately comes to mind. Sure, I understand that, but here’s another thing that comes to mind…..where is your proof? This is where there is a big problem. Without having concrete evidence, how can the accusations made by McNamee be valid? In other cases mentioned in the Mitchell Report, there were detailed conversations, telephone records, shipping receipts and other forms of evidence to coincide with the allegations made. In the case of Clemens and Pettitte, …

No Surprise, List Lacks Los Mets

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More than 80 current and former Major League players are cited as alleged users of performance-enhancing drugs in Senator George Mitchell’s report on steroid use in baseball. The investigation’s key witnesses include Brian McNamee, a former Yankee strength trainer, and Kirk Radomski, a former Mets clubhouse attendant. Both men cooperated with the probe under pressure from the federal government, and as a result of their New York ties, the information they provided reflects particularly poorly on both New York franchises.

For the Yankees, current Yankees Andy Pettitte and Jason Giambi have been tainted by the report’s findings, as well as former Yanks Roger Clemens, Gary Sheffield, Mike Stanton, Chuck Knoblauch, Kevin Brown, Denny Neagle, Jason Grimsley, Ron Villone and David Justice. For the Mets, while the team’s current roster has largely escaped untarnished, the recently departed Paul Lo Duca is a featured case study in the report, while former Mets Todd Hundley, Todd Pratt, Mo Vaughn, David Segui, Matt Franco, and Lenny Dykstra figure prominently as well.

While the players …

Stem Cells, The New Steroid?

The following article originally appeared on Hot Stove New York last March. Given the subject on everyone’s minds, it seems an appropriate time to revisit it.

Bill Pennington pens a fascinating article for the New York Times today, discussing the benefits of stem cell research, and how it could change the face of sports medicine, perhaps as soon as three-to-five years from now. Primarily the technology endeavors to induce tissue regeneration, and could revolutionize the way doctors treat injuries such as torn ACLs and rotator cuffs – currently both common and career-threatening injuries. Equally interesting is the potential such medical breakthroughs could have on the landscape of performance-enhancing drugs. Writes Pennington:

“There is a performance-enhancing possibility to all this,” said Dr. Huard, who added that he has met with doping officials who are trying to prepare for the new technology. “It might not be detectable because nothing is unnatural — they are your own cells. I don’t think you could turn a bad athlete into a super …

Floyd Signs 1-Year Deal With Tampa

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According to, former Met Cliff Floyd has agreed to a one-year deal with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The deal reportedly guarantees $3 million with another $2 million owed in performance incentives.

At age 35, Floyd is still a dangerous and productive left-handed bat, however injuries have haunted the outfielder throughout his career. The Rays hope that at-bats in the DH slot will lessen the wear-and-tear on Floyd considerably.

Good luck, Cliffy. Shea Stadium misses you.

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