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Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Remember the Titans

Jets Rumors & News

The Tennessee Titans came into today’s game playing for their playoff lives. They got help from the Bengals earlier in the day as they defeated the Browns 19 – 14. That meant, with a victory, Tennessee would be in control of their own destiny, needing only to defeat the Colts in week 17 to get into the playoffs as the last AFC Wild Card team.

As expected, Kellen Clemens’ rib injury kept him out of the lineup and Chad Pennington was put back into familiar territory as the Jets’ starting QB. He often looked like the Chad of old, completing 26 of 32 passes for a very high percentage. But also like the Chad of old he had a costly red-zone interception and a horribly underthrown pick to end two drives. The red zone interception came after Eric Mangini chose to take 3 points off the board. Mike Nugent had converted on a 37-yard field goal but a Titan penalty gave the Jets an automatic first down. Mangini chose to take the first and goal at …

Kobe would play for the Knicks

Knicks Rumors & News

Could Kobe Bryant actually come to the rescue of the New York Knicks?

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar told Newsday that despite their struggles the Knicks remain on the short list of teams to which he would accept a trade.

“I would look at it as just another challenge to prove that you can win,” Bryant said. “That’s how I would approach it. I wouldn’t be down about it. I’d just work that much harder to try to prove that if we do work hard, we can win ballgames.

If I was Isiah Thomas I would be on the phone with Lakers’ General Manager Mitch Kupchak right now seeing if there is any way to make this actually happen.

The Knicks are a moribund franchise and Thomas has provided only embarrassment, not improvement, during his four years with the team.

Finding some way to put Bryant in a Knicks’ uniform could be his only chance to change all that.

Don’t count on it happening, though, Knicks’ fans. It’s impossible to …

Former Yanks reliever tells his tale of drug abuse

Yankees Rumors & News

The aftermath of the Mitchell Report has seen admissions and denials. Along with the admissions, we’ve heard the motives and stories as to why players decided to use steroids and HGH. In Sunday’s NY Daily News, former Yankees reliever Dan Naulty tells his story of his drug use. An interesting piece, it’s a definite read. Here are some highlights of his story…

“The night we won the World Series, I wanted to die. I didn’t want to live. On the night that you would think was a big, happy celebration night, I wanted to die because my emotional state was in such disarray that I started thinking about suicide.””This is a story of a boyhood dream turning into a living nightmare. I had ruined my life, but at what cost?”

“Nobody ever told me, “Do whatever you need to do to gain weight.” Nobody ever said, “If you’ve got to take drugs, man, take ’em.” What everybody said was, “You’re 6-6. Put on 50 pounds and you’ll throw …

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