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Via the Raleigh News & Observer:

Matt Cullen had two assists in his first trip back to Madison Square Garden with the Carolina Hurricanes this season. His second visit didn’t end as well.

The Hurricanes center was injured during the second period of Wednesday’s 4-2 loss to the New York Rangers when he was hit coming across the middle by former teammate Colton Orr.

It was a brutal collision and left Cullen with a broken nose and a probable concussion. Orr was challenged by Carolina’s Mike Commodore while Cullen lay still on the ice, and when the dust has settled, the officials had slapped the Rangers enforcer with five-minute majors for fighting, interference and a game misconduct.

The ejection was probably best for everyone involved and allowed for the rest of the game to proceed without further incident, however in truth, the hit was clean. Cullen had carried the puck into the offensive zone and dropped it to a trailing teammate in the instant before the collision, and thus was fair game for the uncoming Orr.

In the AP’s game recap, the hit is described as “a forearm/elbow to the face,” however replays clearly show that 6’3″ forward’s arms made impact with Cullen’s chest, and in fact both players’ heads collided with the diminutive Cullen obviously taking the worst of it.

Thankfully, Cullen was only unconscious for a few moments and was able to skate off with assistance.

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