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In a season that has already had far too many subplots, Stephon Marbury‘s bereavement leave continues to complicate an already complicated season. The Brooklyn-born point guard is in his third leave of absence from the team after twice attempting to return to action in wake of his father’s death on December 2nd.

While publicly, the team continues to support Marbury during this time of grief, privately it seems evident that the organization would like to see their 20-million-dollar man back on the floor at some point in the near future. Speculation is mounting that Marbury’s November feud with Coach Isiah Thomas could be a contributing factor to the guard’s reluctance to return to active duty.

It is a conspiracy theory that gained steam last week when Marbury filed a grievance through the player’s association challenging the nearly $200,000 fine levied against the guard for leaving the team upon learning he would be removed from the starting lineup for a game against the Phoenix Suns. Yesterday, the Knicks reaffirmed their position and announced their intention to fight the grievance. The resulting dynamic is an odd one in which the team will attempt to flex its disciplinary muscle in response to one leave of absence while indulging another that grows more contentious with each game.

Former Knick great Patrick Ewing, now an assistant with Orlando, chimed in on the topic, telling reporters:

“It’s sad. Naturally you want your leader to be out there, giving it 110%…I know it’s rough on anyone to lose a loved one. (But) he has to take care of whatever he needs to take care of and come back and get back to work.”

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