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Sunday, December 30th, 2007

QUITE FRANKLY: Where have all the sports heroes gone?

Once upon a time, there used to be a sports hero for everyone, no matter what sport you followed. A figure you could look up to and count on, someone you could always rely on with the game on the line. Even in the face of defeat, your hero stands tall, because in your eyes, he can do no wrong. What happens when that invincibility is taken away? Are you left with an image of glory or an image of wrong?

Today’s sports world doesn’t offer up many sports heroes. Sure, there is an abundance of superstars, but how many of them are the “model” superstar? What makes a player a sports hero? Is it determined by a game winning hit in the World Series?, a game winning basket to clinch a playoff series?, a game turning drive that caps a comeback and sends your team to the super bowl? As a fan, do we hold off the field accusations and behavior against our heroes thus deflating some of our fondest memories? …

Giants get kudos for effort against Patriots

Giants Rumors & News

The New York Giants came close, but they couldn’t quite do enough to stop the New England Patriots from finishing off their perfect 16-0 regular season.

I will have more thoughts later on the Giants’ 38-35 loss to New England Saturday — probably after I’ve had a chance to sleep on it — but here is a very quickly put together list of ‘Kudos & Wet Willies’ for you.

Kudos to …

• The New England Patriots: Going 16-0 and recording the first unbeaten regular season since the 1972 Miami Dolphins is truly historic. The Giants made them earn it, opening a 28-16 lead, but the Patriots showed why they are a great team. They are an easy team to hate, but you still have to tip your cap to them for a great achievement.

• Domenic Hixon: Returning kickoffs for the first time as a Giant Hixon had a 74-yard return for a touchdown. He also had a couple of other nice returns and ended up with 221 yards on 8 runbacks. I suspect we will see him …

Pre-game Jets’ questions

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As I ponder what to wear in today’s unpredictable weather in Piscataway, I started thinking about some questions that I’m waiting to see answered by 7pm tonight. 

So without further ado, some questions heading into today’s season finale at the Meadowlands. Some serious and at 3 – 12, most not.

Did the grounds crew even bother changing the logos on the field after last night’s Giants game?

Will the shuttles even be running today or will they let the few cars driving to the game just come park as close to the stadium as they want?

I have an extra ticket for today’s game. Will I even be able to give it away?

Will the lines for the fun activities under the bubble be short enough that even I will have the patience to kick my first field goal of the season (if so, I hope the medics are still working).

Will I be able to take attendance by a show of …

  • Press Harbor