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Monday, December 31st, 2007

Happy New Year, Knicks Fans!

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The Knicks went 28-50 in 2007.

Meanwhile, nearly two weeks after GM and Coach Isiah Thomas was quoted saying it would be fair to evaluate his performance in a “couple of weeks,” Zeke declared on Monday that the team will “keep moving in this direction.”

Which direction?

“Me as the coach,” said Thomas.

Chad Good As Gone? Maybe Not…

Jets Rumors & News

According to the Daily News, there are “rumblings” that Chad Pennington’s days with Gang Green might not be numbered, as had widely been assumed. Via the News:

Because of [rookie Kellen] Clemens’ inconsistency, and because the offseason quarterback market is hardly enticing, the Jets may decide to keep Pennington and his $4.8 million salary in 2008. With more than $27 million in projected cap room, they could afford it.

That would create quite a soap opera, considering Pennington’s presumed desire to be traded or released. A week ago, Pennington’s father, Elwood, told a Knoxville newspaper that his son would be better off going to a contending team where he could be a starter again.

Thing is, Pennington is signed through 2011 and the Jets will be in no hurry to unload their most accomplished quarterback. Pete Kendall, redux? speculates that the Jets could simply be trying to raise their asking price for Pennington by downplaying the team’s readiness to trade him. Personally, I can envision scenarios in which the team cuts ties …

Vilma Recovering, Off Crutches

Jets Rumors & News

According to a brief mention in the Newark Star-Ledger, Jets LB Jonathan Vilma’s mysterious knee surgery earlier this season was performed in order to remove floating bone chips and fragments from his right knee.

As with all their injuries, the Jets have been extremely tight-lipped about Vilma’s condition, and speculation began to emerge that the linebacker had undergone microfracture surgery, a serious procedure that would have severely impacted Vilma’s value on the trade market.

On Sunday, Vilma made an appearance on the sidelines without crutches, another indication that the injury is not serious, and that his rehabilitation is progressing smoothly.

Assuming the former Pro Bowler is on his way to a clean bill of health, it’s extremely probable that Vilma will be dealt in the offseason. Rookie David Harris has excelled during Vilma’s absence.

Jets win….and lose

Jets Rumors & News

The dismal Jets ended their dismal season in dismal weather conditions with a dismal 13 – 10 OT victory over the dismal Kansas City Chiefs.

In what should come as no surprise to Jets’ fans this season, their victory at the Meadowlands actually cost them in the long run, as they dropped from 3rd to 6th in the 2008 draft pecking order. Ironically, with San Francisco’s first-round pick this year, the Patriots will draft #7. My guess is the two head coaches will not be calling each other to share their thoughts on talent.

The 2008 draft must be used to bolster an anemic offensive line and possibly secure another QB of the future. Kellen Clemens (13-25, 115 yards, 1 TD) was average at best yesterday, and in fact, average at best the last half of the season after taking over the starting QB position. Those who think with the glass half-full will say it was the poor blocking in front of him.

Speaking of glasses half full or empty, fans found out when they arrived to the stadium …

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