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The dismal Jets ended their dismal season in dismal weather conditions with a dismal 13 – 10 OT victory over the dismal Kansas City Chiefs.

In what should come as no surprise to Jets’ fans this season, their victory at the Meadowlands actually cost them in the long run, as they dropped from 3rd to 6th in the 2008 draft pecking order. Ironically, with San Francisco’s first-round pick this year, the Patriots will draft #7. My guess is the two head coaches will not be calling each other to share their thoughts on talent.

The 2008 draft must be used to bolster an anemic offensive line and possibly secure another QB of the future. Kellen Clemens (13-25, 115 yards, 1 TD) was average at best yesterday, and in fact, average at best the last half of the season after taking over the starting QB position. Those who think with the glass half-full will say it was the poor blocking in front of him.

Speaking of glasses half full or empty, fans found out when they arrived to the stadium yesterday that it was family day. Simply put, no beer sales. I had just finished telling my friend, attending his first Jets’ game, that they usually do something special for the fans at the last game. They sure did ~ no beer and cold Mountain Dew handed out on the way to the parking lot. At least they were smart enough to put people in position at the gates to hand it out after the first quarter, when the march to the lot slowly began. I don’t recall a family day in recent history and you would think of all seasons, this would not be the one to upset the fans even more. Maybe they ran out of beer after the Giants’ game on Saturday night?

The ramp at gate D was closed, which meant the chanters had to go elsewhere. Ironically, the entertainment on the ramps was our only flash (no pun intended) of national fame this season. I blame Fireman Ed. Without him leading chants in the stadium, fans were forced to lead chants outside of it. “Show your….” is close to J-E-T-S, I guess.

The PR department brought in an 11-year-old girl to sing the anthem. As good as she was I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s the best we could do living within a Chad Pennington-floater of NYC. And I’ll plead one last time (for this season) to please introduce players individually. There is nothing more anti-climatic than watching the entire team jog into the stadium together. 

Two other odd events: One of Ben Graham’s practice punts clamored off the net and onto the field, briefly halting play. Mike Nugent was warming up for his 2nd-half kickoff, only to have Mangini decide at the last minute the Jets were going to kick the other direction.

It was a day full of confusing decisions and happenings, topped off by a win that nobody wanted. 

To quote Herm Edwards in his post-game press conference when he was asked if he was glad the season is over:

“Yes, I’m glad it’s over.”

So are we, Herm.

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