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Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Clemens’ Interview Could Prompt Lawsuit

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Sunday following CBS’ broadcast of the NFL playoffs, Roger Clemens is set to appear in a “60 Minutes” interview taped last Friday. In the interview, Clemens will presumably deny accusations of steroid use in an attempt to clear his tarnished legacy. But according to the New York Times, Clemens could face legal ramifications if he allows the interview, and denial, to air as planned. Lawyers for Roger’s former trainer, Brian McNamee, have vowed to sue the Rocket for damages should Clemens challenge the veracity of McNamee’s oath-sworn testimony. Such a lawsuit could see Clemens forced to deny McNamee’s allegations under oath.

Zeke’s Lecture On Legacies Is Latest Disgrace

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Long ago following the Knicks ceased to have any correlation to what unfolded on the basketball court. Even if there was some vestige of interest in what this team could do at the beginning of the season, it died quickly in the shadow of everything that had preceded it. And if a Knick fan ever believed that they had finally hit rock bottom, the Boston Massacre proved that if nothing else, this franchise will continue to hit new lows.

Much like Larry Brown’s lone season in New York, Isiah Thomas’ pre-and-post-game quotes are becoming an entertaining sideshow to the circus at the Garden. Daily News columnist Mitch Lawrence goes so far as to say that “going to the Garden is as fun as ever, even if the basketball gets worse by the day.”

This in the wake of Zeke’s latest notable quotable, which came prior to last night’s 107-97 defeat to a Sacramento team that was missing its top three players. Said Thomas:

“My belief and what I see and where …

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