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Long ago following the Knicks ceased to have any correlation to what unfolded on the basketball court. Even if there was some vestige of interest in what this team could do at the beginning of the season, it died quickly in the shadow of everything that had preceded it. And if a Knick fan ever believed that they had finally hit rock bottom, the Boston Massacre proved that if nothing else, this franchise will continue to hit new lows.

Much like Larry Brown’s lone season in New York, Isiah Thomas’ pre-and-post-game quotes are becoming an entertaining sideshow to the circus at the Garden. Daily News columnist Mitch Lawrence goes so far as to say that “going to the Garden is as fun as ever, even if the basketball gets worse by the day.”

This in the wake of Zeke’s latest notable quotable, which came prior to last night’s 107-97 defeat to a Sacramento team that was missing its top three players. Said Thomas:

“My belief and what I see and where I believe we can go as a team and an organization, I believe one day that we will win a championship here and I believe a couple of these guys will be a part of that. I believe I’ll be a part of that.

“I want to leave something that’s going to stand for a long time. I want to leave a legacy. I want to leave a tradition. I want to leave an imprint, a blueprint in terms of how people play and how they coach and how they respond when they put on a Knick uniform.

“I want to leave what I left in Detroit. Every person who walks through that door as a Piston, when they put on that uniform, there’s a certain pride that they carry. I want to put that here and I want to leave that here in New York. I want to leave a championship legacy.”

isiahthomas.jpgThere is no doubt that Thomas’s championship visions are astoundingly delusional in their own right, and perhaps even more astounding is that 7 percent of fans still believe this clown according to a Daily News poll. However, what should be most revolting to the Knick fan is to have watched a championship legacy dragged through the mud, and to now see your team a “laughingstock” when it had once been hailed as the flagship franchise of the NBA, and finally, to hear the architect of all that talk of legacies, and blueprints, and what it means to suit up in orange-and-blue. And as if to add to the absurdity of the conversation, as Thomas was speaking, Walt Frazier was sitting 10 feet away. You can’t make it up. Via Mitch Lawrence:

At one point, he said, “I know people will laugh even more at me.”

Laugh? Most diehard Knicks fans are beyond that stage.

They’re crying over what has happened at the Garden since Thomas came to town.

And until Garden CEO Jim Dolan starts believing what he sees and not what he hears from his president, this is the way it will be in New York. The shame of it is that Thomas is getting all the time he needs, despite all the bad personnel moves, all the losing and the sex harassment case. At the rate he’s going, he will not leave behind a blueprint.

He will leave behind a franchise in ashes.

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