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According to ESPN’s Keith Law, Mets outfield prospect Fernando Martinez is considered a “better prospect” than either the Yankees’ Phil Hughes or Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury due to his talent and upside. However Law cautions that Martinez is a “higher-risk” because he’s just 19 and much further from the majors than either Hughes or Ellsbury, both of whom figure to be key contributors in the major leagues next season.

fernando_martinez.jpgJust as the Yanks and Sox have proved reluctant to include their prized prospects in any deal for Minnesota’s Johan Santana, it seems that the Mets would like to hold onto Martinez and instead construct a deal around Carlos Gomez. Says Law: “The guy to keep is Martinez. Everyone else should be negotiable.”

In truth, if the Mets’ pitching prospects were even halfway decent, a deal with Gomez at the center might not be all that outrageous, however the value of Mike Pelfrey and Phil Humber has plummeted around the league to the point where Kevin Mulvey seems to have surpassed both of them in the eyes of most scouts, largely because he’s further away from the big leagues and hasn’t yet had the opportunity to bomb in the majors.

However it sounds as if the Yankees and Red Sox may be content to watch Santana pitch in the National League if neither rival makes a serious push as Spring Training fast approaches. In that case, offers absent of Hughes or Ellsbury could possibly be trumped by the Mets were Omar Minaya to make Martinez available.

Despite Law’s words of caution, it’s tough to imagine the Mets walking away from that deal should the scenario arise.

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