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Let the speculation begin about whether or not General Manager Brian Cashman will stay with the New York Yankees beyond this season, the final one of his contract.

brian cashmanCashman admitted yesterday that the new Yankee Boss, or Bosses, have taken away the authority Cashman got from the old Boss when he signed his current three-year deal. At that time Cashman fought for, and got, the right to run the organization with the autonomy most general managers have.

That’s gone, and he knows it. From Peter Abraham of the Journal News.

“The dynamics are changing with us. When I signed up with this current three-year deal, and this is the last year of it, it was with full authority to run the entire program. George had given me that. But things have changed in this third year now with the emergence of Hal and Hank Steinbrenner and that started this winter,” he said, “I’m learning as I go along, too. But it is different. But one thing is that I’ve been with this family, the Steinbrenner family, for well over 20 years. So I’m focused fully on doing everything I possibly can to assist them in their emergence now as decision makers.”

Cashman did not want to discuss the future. A quote, also from Abraham.

“Because of all the work that gets involved with doing the job, it kind of prevents me from really looking ahead past this year,” he said. “I’m just doing everything I possibly can to assist the transition with the new manager, the new owners, with the involvement now with the Steinbrenner sons. And then the rest will take care of itself at another time.”

My question is this. Why would Cashman stay?

He nearly left the Yankees three years ago because he wasn’t allowed to function as a normal GM. He demanded that authority, got it, and did a tremendous job with it for two years.

No, the Yankees did not win a championship. Cashman did, however, change the philosophy of the organization, rebuild the farm system and set the Yankees up with enough quality young players on the horizon that they should finally be able to start filling holes from within.

If he chooses to leave the Yankees, teams will line up for his services. Why wouldn’t he want to go someplace where he gets the authority a GM should have and has the opportunity to prove once and for all that he is, indeed, among the top GMs in the game?

If I was Cashman I would waive bye-bye to the Bosses, and go be my own boss.

(– Ed Valentine is an award-winning columnist and former sports editor of two daily newspapers. He writes a general sports blog, Valentine’s Views, and a New York Giants blog, Big Blue View.)

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  1. 1 On January 6th, 2008, gozer said:

    why wouldn’t he? because he’s got a budget here that exceeds that of small nations, there are no other large market teams looking to fill the GM spot, and because when (yes, when, *sigh*) the yankees finally do win another championship, it’ll be heralded in this city as if they hadn’t won in 54 years.

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