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Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

In Praise of Carlos Gomez

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Last week we relayed a report from ESPN’s Keith Law that stated that Mets’ 19-year-old outfielder Fernando Martinez is considered a “better prospect” than both Phil Hughes and Jacoby Ellsbury. Today, Carlos Gomez gets his dues.

Dugout Central is a website created by former Yankee Mike Pagliarulo that touts itself as a place “where fans and scouts come together to discuss our national pastime.” Yesterday on the site, one site author took a look at the three “high-ceiling” centerfielders that the Twins could be choosing from as they continue to search for a suitable trade package for Johan Santana: Boston’s Ellsbury, Melky Cabrera of the Yanks, and the Mets’ Gomez. Writes the author:

Though Ellsbury has received the most positive publicity, largely because of his .438/.500/.688 line in 16 World Series at bats, we believe that Gomez has the biggest ceiling of the three…The 21 year old has all kinds of ability and projects to being a Premium Category player in 3-5 years…His speed is equal …

Clemens Hearing Pushed Back

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The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has postponed its hearing on the Mitchell Report from January 16th until February 13th. Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee are expected to appear at the hearing, while Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte has yet to decide whether or not to cooperate.

The reason for the postponement appears to be that Congress did not feel they were adequately prepared, which begs the question why they set such an accelerated time table for themselves in the first place. The committee plans to use the extra month to “delve into more recent developments, gather more information, and depose all witnesses before they testify in public.” Additionally, the Justice Department had requested the committee refrain from calling Kirk Radomski until after his February 8th sentencing.

Gossage gets Hall call, but voting is still screwy

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Congratulations to Goose Gossage, the former great New York Yankees closer who has finally been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I have been championing Gossage’s cause for a while. See here and here for posts where I’ve explained my reasons for believing that Gossage should have been voted in a long time ago.

So, today I am glad Hall of Fame voters have finally seen the light and corrected the injustice of leaving one of the most effective, intimidating closers of all time on the outside of Cooperstown’s doors looking in.

That said, how is it that Gossage was considered Hall-worthy by nearly 86 percent of voters this year, but just 33 percent when he first appeared on the ballot in 2000? I will never understand how voters can say a guy is not a Hall of Famer for several years, then suddenly becomes worthy of their vote.

It’s a screwy system, but I’m not sure exactly how to make it better. The only thing I can think of is …

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Giants’ defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is among the candidates to become head coach in Atlanta.

If you were reading the news, a couple of other members of the Giants’ organization were also mentioned as candidates for other key jobs.

ESPN is reporting that offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is a possible replacement for June Jones at Hawaii.

In a somewhat surprising development, Chris Mara has interviewed with Atlanta for that team’s vacant general manager job. Mara is currently vice president of player evaluation with the Giants — whatever that is.

This is the kind of thing that begins to happen when other people realize you have a good team and a quality organization. They start to come after your people. So, though the Giants don’t want to lose anybody have to take this as a complement.

The biggest loss to the Giants would, of course, be Spagnuolo. In his first year as defensive coordinator, Spags has transformed an ineffective unit into an aattacking, aggressive team with the league’s best pass rush.

Watch Spagnuolo work, and watch his defense perform, and …

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