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carlos_gomez.jpgLast week we relayed a report from ESPN’s Keith Law that stated that Mets’ 19-year-old outfielder Fernando Martinez is considered a “better prospect” than both Phil Hughes and Jacoby Ellsbury. Today, Carlos Gomez gets his dues.

Dugout Central is a website created by former Yankee Mike Pagliarulo that touts itself as a place “where fans and scouts come together to discuss our national pastime.” Yesterday on the site, one site author took a look at the three “high-ceiling” centerfielders that the Twins could be choosing from as they continue to search for a suitable trade package for Johan Santana: Boston’s Ellsbury, Melky Cabrera of the Yanks, and the Mets’ Gomez. Writes the author:

Though Ellsbury has received the most positive publicity, largely because of his .438/.500/.688 line in 16 World Series at bats, we believe that Gomez has the biggest ceiling of the three…The 21 year old has all kinds of ability and projects to being a Premium Category player in 3-5 years…His speed is equal to Jose Reyes (SS), and he’s got an XL frame (6’4″, 195 pounds) that is capable of supporting more weight. With improved technique at the plate he could be a 30+ home run guy.

So wait, let me get this straight. Fernando Martinez is a power-hitting corner outfield stud. Carlos Gomez is a five-tool dynamo in center. Now why are the Mets considered a distant third place in the Santana Sweepstakes again? Something doesn’t add up here, and I don’t think it’s my arithmatic that’s off…

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