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Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Reaction: Santana to the Mets

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More optimism from Mets Land today. Matthew Cerrone’s MetsBlog points us to and the Phillies blog Beer Leaguer for some reaction to the Star-Tribune‘s report today that the Mets could be close to acquiring Johan Santana from the Minnesota Twins.

Aaron Gleeman, who writes for The Hardball Times and and is also a Twins fan, writes on his blog that while a Phil Hughes-led offer from the Yankees would be enticing to Minnesota, a Mets package that includes Fernando Martinez, Carlos Gomez, Deolis Guerra, Kevin Mulvey and Phil Humber would “blow [the Yankee offer] out of the water.

Meanwhile, all this Santana discussion isn’t sitting too well with Phillies fans. Writes Jason Weitzel of Beer Leaguer:

“There’s no way to sugarcoat the strong possibility that Santana, the top prize, will be a Met next season, and possibly the next six. He would swing the balance of division power back over to the Mets. Head-to-head, it would be a nightmare. Maybe I’ll take up …

T.O. Looks Likely For Sunday

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Terrell Owens was running routes and catching passes in his return to practice Thursday, showing only a slight limp at times. The star receiver seems on track to play in the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff game against the New York Giants.

Rumors Abound: Z-Bo to Bucks? Marbury for McGrady?

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There are some major rumblings on the Knicks trade front despite Isiah Thomas’ declaration the other day that all of his players are “untouchable.” Newsday calls the statement “Isiah-speak” for “everyone is touchable” and in particular notes that Seattle is entertaining offers for Luke Ridnour and Earl Watson. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

According to John Canzano of The Oregonian, the Knicks are shopping Zach Randolph (surprise, surprise) and the Milwaukee Bucks could be a landing spot. Canzano doesn’t mention what the Bucks might send back to New York, but I’m terrified that Maurice Williams – who is signed through 2013 – will be part of the package, or Dan Gadzuric, who is signed through 2011. I would much prefer a player such as Desmond Mason, whose deal expires after next season, and/or Bobby Simmons, whose deal expires following 2009/10. In general, it’s difficult to construct a particularly appealing deal involving the Bucks, though perhaps if Milwaukee is looking to import …

Santana Talks Could Be Breaking In Mets’ Favor

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The stance of the Yankees and Mets in regard to Johan Santana has been well documented. The Yanks would love to add him, and while the price tag might be a bit hard to swallow for the fiscally-conscious duo of Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner, money is no object to bullish brother Hank. The Mets likewise are not thrilled with the thought of committing to any pitcher for more than five years, however the team is desperate to erase the memory of September’s collapse and now does not appear the time to pinch pennies.

However while the Mets find themselves in a position of desperation, the Yanks find their organization approaching a point of stability for the first time in several seasons, and Cashman and Hal appear dead-set against squandering the franchise’s suddenly fertile farm system in addition to writing a potentially record-setting check. And while he clearly isn’t happy with the situation, even Hank Steinbrenner is beginning to sound like he’s drinking Cash’s Kool-Aid. Via …

Report: Bedard Nearly a Mariner

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Ken Rosenthal of is reporting that the Orioles and Mariners are “one player away” from completing a deal for Baltimore’s ace, Erik Bedard – whatever that means. Presumably that “one player” isn’t prized outfield prospect Adam Jones, who almost surely is already on the table if the two sides are so close to a deal.

Jones is the sort of dynamic, high-ceiling prospect that the Twins are seeking in exchange for Johan Santana and that the Mets painfully lack. The problem that Minnesota is encountering is that while a team like the Mets would part with an Adam Jones-type in a heartbeat, a team like Seattle has no interest in doing so if they must turn around and sign Santana to a $100+ million contract. In contrast, Bedard is under contract for another two seasons, and barring back-to-back Cy Youngs, will likely agree to an extension that is far more reasonable than what Santana is seeking.

The Mets aggressively pursued Bedard during the Winter Meetings, however their offer built …

Goose: I’d Have Probably Juiced, Too

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Rich “Goose” Gossage – or the Juicy Goosey as a New York Post headline cries today – spoke candidly about steroid use in baseball yesterday at the press conference announcing his selection for the Hall of Fame. As usual, Goose spoke with refreshing candor that is all but dead in professional sports, and admitted that he’s thankful the temptation of steroids wasn’t prevalent in his playing days or else he likely would have tried them. Via the Post:

“I would have probably done it,” Goose Gossage said, referring to steroids. “I’m a free spirit. I like to have fun. I was a competitor. Chances are I would have done it too.”

As quoted by the AP:

“I’ve been in that situation, trying to prolong my career with the money that was out there to be made at this time in baseball. I can’t sit here and say that I would not have done it,” he said. “But had I done it, I’m going to face the consequences. And …

Hank not sole Yankees’ Boss?

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Hank Steinbrenner seems to have his father’s penchant for bluster, and his need for attention.

What he doesn’t have, according to Peter Abraham’s LoHud Yankees Blog, is the unquestioned authority of the Boss. From Abraham:

For the better part of three months, Hank Steinbrenner has said that it’ll be up to him whether the Yankees trade for Johan Santana. He made similar comments about signing Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada.

Turns out that’s only half true.

I placed a call to Howard Rubenstein today to ask just what exactly the structure was of the Yankees. At one point last summer, Hal Steinbrenner was given the position Steve Swindal once had. That seemed to designate him as George Steinbrenner’s successor.

Then Hank started giving his opinion on every move and seemed to be in charge.

“They share the power,” Rubenstein said. “They are equal partners for both business and baseball. I spoke to them about it today and that’s the situation.”

Hal is seemingly more the businessman, the quiet behind-the scenes bean-counter if you will. I wonder what …

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