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Rich “Goose” Gossage – or the Juicy Goosey as a New York Post headline cries today – spoke candidly about steroid use in baseball yesterday at the press conference announcing his selection for the Hall of Fame. As usual, Goose spoke with refreshing candor that is all but dead in professional sports, and admitted that he’s thankful the temptation of steroids wasn’t prevalent in his playing days or else he likely would have tried them. Via the Post:

“I would have probably done it,” Goose Gossage said, referring to steroids. “I’m a free spirit. I like to have fun. I was a competitor. Chances are I would have done it too.”

As quoted by the AP:

“I’ve been in that situation, trying to prolong my career with the money that was out there to be made at this time in baseball. I can’t sit here and say that I would not have done it,” he said. “But had I done it, I’m going to face the consequences. And the consequences are, that whether they belong in the Hall of Fame or not, the records can’t stand.

“These guys downplay the significance of steroids. Don’t even go there. I don’t buy it at all,” Gossage added at a news conference. “These guys are getting better the older they get? Nah. The body doesn’t work that way. And baseball is a young man’s game.”

More from the Post:

“I don’t think you can downplay the significance of performance-enhancing drugs,” Gossage said. “Mark McGwire and [Jose] Canseco, I never saw bat speeds like that on big guys. Obviously Mark did something, because I’d be down on Times Square screaming ‘I did not do it!’ I’d be screaming my lungs out.”

On Roger Clemens, who told reporters, “You keep your vote. I don’t need the Hall of Fame to justify that I put my butt on the line and I worked my tail off.”:

“I don’t know that that’s really what he meant,” Gossage said. “I can’t imagine Roger saying that to begin with, because I know the Hall of Fame means everything to all of us. I think he was getting frustrated up there.

“He’s fighting for his career, his whole life right now, as far as public opinion and the admiration that he’s gotten. I said this before, that Roger always liked a lot of attention. Well, he’s getting plenty of attention now for sure.”

Really great, colorful stuff. It must’ve been easy to fill up a notebook with this guy in the clubhouse.

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