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hank-hal.jpgHank Steinbrenner seems to have his father’s penchant for bluster, and his need for attention.

What he doesn’t have, according to Peter Abraham’s LoHud Yankees Blog, is the unquestioned authority of the Boss. From Abraham:

For the better part of three months, Hank Steinbrenner has said that it’ll be up to him whether the Yankees trade for Johan Santana. He made similar comments about signing Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada.

Turns out that’s only half true.

I placed a call to Howard Rubenstein today to ask just what exactly the structure was of the Yankees. At one point last summer, Hal Steinbrenner was given the position Steve Swindal once had. That seemed to designate him as George Steinbrenner’s successor.

Then Hank started giving his opinion on every move and seemed to be in charge.

“They share the power,” Rubenstein said. “They are equal partners for both business and baseball. I spoke to them about it today and that’s the situation.”

Hal is seemingly more the businessman, the quiet behind-the scenes bean-counter if you will. I wonder what meetings are like between the two, especially these days when they discuss Santana.

spoiledbrat.jpgI keep getting this picture in my head of Hank, the petulant child, whining “I want the Santana Toy.” Sniffle, sniffle. “C’mon, Hal. The Red Sox have the Beckett and the Matsuzaka. The Mets have the Pedro. I WANT THE SANTANA. Gimme, gimme, gimme, damnit!”

I see Hal, with an assist from Brian Cashman, standing in front of the Yankees’ bank vault, arms folded blocking Hank’s way.

“Sorry, Hank. We’ve given you the A-Rod, the Rivera, the Posada and you still have the Jeter, the Damon, the Pettitte and the Matsui toys to enjoy. Plus, you’ve got those new Hughes, Chamberlain and Kennedy models. That should be enough. Go play with those.”

Hank shuffles away, thinking maybe if he blusters to the media enough to can force his brother to give him what he wants. Hal turns to Cashman, annoyed, and says “Damn kids. They’re never happy.”

Yep. If these two are truly going to share power it certainly will provide an interesting dynamic to the Yankees’ power structure.

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