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Ken Rosenthal of is reporting that the Orioles and Mariners are “one player away” from completing a deal for Baltimore’s ace, Erik Bedard – whatever that means. Presumably that “one player” isn’t prized outfield prospect Adam Jones, who almost surely is already on the table if the two sides are so close to a deal.

Jones is the sort of dynamic, high-ceiling prospect that the Twins are seeking in exchange for Johan Santana and that the Mets painfully lack. The problem that Minnesota is encountering is that while a team like the Mets would part with an Adam Jones-type in a heartbeat, a team like Seattle has no interest in doing so if they must turn around and sign Santana to a $100+ million contract. In contrast, Bedard is under contract for another two seasons, and barring back-to-back Cy Youngs, will likely agree to an extension that is far more reasonable than what Santana is seeking.

The Mets aggressively pursued Bedard during the Winter Meetings, however their offer built around Carlos Gomez does not compare to Seattle’s package built around Jones.

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