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Friday, January 11th, 2008

Moral of Santana Fall Out : Never Doubt MetsBlog

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I love print media. But I also love the internet, and yesterday’s Santana buzz was a perfect example of why it’s such a gosh darn exciting place. Joe Christensen of the Star-Tribune set the hot stove ablaze yesterday with his report that the Mets could land the Twins’ Johan Santana if they were to add Fernando Martinez to their current offer of Carlos Gomez, Deolis Guerra, Kevin Mulvey and Phil Humber. While reporters in New York were publishing “filler” articles on the Mets resigning Duaner Sanchez, Christensen’s story was making its rounds around the blogosphere and back again. In fact, the last people to pick up the news was the New York print media, who had to wait a whole day to squeeze the hot rumor into today’s editions.

Interestingly some of the coverage of Christensen’s scoop in the New York papers today seems a tad antagonistic to me, with the Daily News going so far as to call the report “a …

Chuck Knoblauch, In His Own Words

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Of all the names dragged into this steroids mess, Chuck Knoblauch’s is one of the more bizarre. And more bizarre than being named in the Mitchell Report is the fact that Knoblauch will be dragged in front of Congress on Feb. 13 along with Brian McNamee, Kirk Radomski, Roger Clemens, and Andy Pettitte. Yesterday, Knoblauch let his feelings on the subject be known in his first public comments since the report was released. Via

“I have nothing to defend,” Knoblauch told The New York Times. “I have nothing to hide at the same time.”

Knoblauch, 39, dubbed the report on doping in baseball “crazy” and “interesting” and expressed bewilderment at his inclusion in the report given that he’s been retired for five years.

“I’ve got nothing to do with any of that, I mean, any baseball,” said Knoblauch, who stopped playing in 2002. “And I don’t want anything to do with baseball.”

Asked if he resented being thrust back into the spotlight, Knoblauch said: “No. One of my strongest characteristics is not really …

Giants get no love in comparison of playoff teams

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According to an ESPN Insider list, the New York Giants are the worst of the eight remaining playoff teams.

And here I thought the Giants had been getting some love from the media all week.

I guess the Giants still have to convince people that they are, indeed, a very good football team.

The graphic below shows the results of the rankings, compiled by Scouts Inc.

Avery: Stick a Fork In Me “I’m Done”

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Ranger winger Sean Avery’s season might be at an end after being placed on the injured reserve for the third time this season according to the NY Post.

Avery declared, “I’m done,” yesterday. After reported discussions with club officials he amended the statement to, “I mean I’m done for the next couple of weeks.”

Avery missed nearly all of December after getting surgery on the left hand and now the Rangers want to keep him from missing more time with an additional surgery on his right hand.

“I’m hoping it will heal on its own by resting it, but if not, I don’t know, I guess then I’d have to consider surgery,” said Avery. “It’s the same bone that was broken in the left hand.”

Having the surgery may be Avery’s preference, but the Rangers season might lie in his hands. It is their preference for him to avoid surgery and opt to rest the hand instead.

“It’s at a point now where it needs rest; it needs to settle down,” …

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