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Of all the names dragged into this steroids mess, Chuck Knoblauch‘s is one of the more bizarre. And more bizarre than being named in the Mitchell Report is the fact that Knoblauch will be dragged in front of Congress on Feb. 13 along with Brian McNamee, Kirk Radomski, Roger Clemens, and Andy Pettitte. Yesterday, Knoblauch let his feelings on the subject be known in his first public comments since the report was released. Via ESPN.com:

“I have nothing to defend,” Knoblauch told The New York Times. “I have nothing to hide at the same time.”

Knoblauch, 39, dubbed the report on doping in baseball “crazy” and “interesting” and expressed bewilderment at his inclusion in the report given that he’s been retired for five years.

“I’ve got nothing to do with any of that, I mean, any baseball,” said Knoblauch, who stopped playing in 2002. “And I don’t want anything to do with baseball.”

Asked if he resented being thrust back into the spotlight, Knoblauch said: “No. One of my strongest characteristics is not really caring what people think. I’m living my life. It’s not going to change my life one way or the other. You know, I’m not trying to get in the Hall of Fame. I got one vote though.”

“I read my name in the paper and see it on the news, but I haven’t heard a word,” Knoblauch said in reference to the fact that no one from the congressional panel has formally contacted him yet. “I’m supposed to be somewhere, but I haven’t been told where to be.”

When asked if he will show up for the hearing to tell his side of the story, Knoblauch told the Times: “Yeah, if I have to do that, then what are you going to do?”

I don’t know what’s stranger, that Congress hasn’t gotten around to contacting Knoblauch about his invitation to testify, or that Chuck Knoblauch received one vote for the Hall of Fame.

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