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Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Joba Could Return to Bullpen

Yankees Rumors & News

Since Joba Chamberlain’s meteoric rise through the organization’s depth chart, the Yankees and their fans have debated internally where the 22-year-old dynamo is best suited to pitch in 2008 – in the starting rotation or back in the bullpen. It appeared that the decision had been made, with Hank Steinbrenner in particular emphatically stating that Joba would be used as a starter next season. However nothing in New York is ever that simple, and not surprisingly, with just over a month to go before pitchers and catchers report, the debate has been given new legs.

According to Anthony McCarron in today’s Daily News, as a young prospect Joba remains on a strict innings and pitch count, and thus could begin the year in the bullpen in order to limit his workload. Via the Daily News:

“We’re going to prepare him as a starter and we see him as a starter,” Yankee GM Brian Cashman said yesterday. “But we have an innings limit that he won’t exceed. How we …

Isola: Dolan Finally to Fire Isiah

Knicks Rumors & News

Back on November 16th, the Post’s Peter Vecsey blew us away with his exclusive scoop that Knicks Coach Isiah Thomas was on the verge of being fired, perhaps as soon as that day. We know how that turned out. Some scoop.

On Monday came another report, this one unsubstantiated and far less credible, that the Knicks President, GM, and Coach would be fired as early as January 15th. The rumor originated on the website

But now, in the wake of last night’s home defeat to the Toronto Raptors, there is legitimate buzz this morning that time has finally run out on Zeke. According to the Daily News’ Frank Isola, “Garden chairman James Dolan recently told confidants that he knows a coaching change must be made and that he is preparing to do just that.” Isola’s source doesn’t specify a timetable for the move other than to say it will likely come before season’s end. It’s also …

Giants’ bandwagon is getting awfully big

Giants Rumors & News

There seems to be an awful lot of pundits saying that if an upset occurs this weekend it will likely be the Giants defeating the Dallas Cowboys.’s Paul Zimmerman joined the Cowboy questioners on Friday.

This Romo thing does not sit right with yours truly. He’s coming off a bad three-game set; Eagles, Panthers, Redskins. He has a bad thumb and his go-to receiver might be down for the count. Not a happy time.

The game he had against the Eagles — and maybe the thumb was responsible for it and maybe it wasn’t — was as bad a game as I’ve seen a QB have this season. And I’m talking about some of Trent Dilfer’s desperate afternoons and Testaverde’s Tribulations and the birth and death of Charlie Frye, etc. In doing my quarterback ratings I have a little mark I make for a bad pass — a poor decision, flutterball, wild throw and so forth. Tom Brady, on a good day, might have one or two, sometimes none. If Peyton Manning’s …

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